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Behind Closed Doors Documentary – Arshad Sharif’s last work

Arshad Sharif, a Paistani Investigative reporter, who was working on an explosive documentary on corruption, called Behind Closed Doors, was recently killed in Kenya.

This documentary also featured a journalist who worked for a major Kenyan television network. It features a prominent Kenyan reporter, @johnallannamu. That’s why he travelled to kenya to work on a documentary about corruption.

The documentary “Behind Closed Doors” was set to expose corruption scandals of some of the very powerful people in developing countries.

Arshad Sharif fled Pakistan in August to avoid imprisonment after being hit with various cases, including sedition accusations stemming from an interview with Shahbaz Gill, a close aide of former prime leader Imran Khan, during which Gill made remarks deemed derogatory to the military.

Sharif worked with Channel ARY for the last eight years. The channel was briefly taken off air in August for airing so called, “false, hateful and seditious” content. The channel had to then part ways with Journalist.

Behind Closed Doors Documentary

We can now tell you straight away what is happening: The film Behind Closed Doors is finished, and will be released soon on major streaming platforms.

ArshadSharif must be brought to justice and all those responsible held accountable for his brutal murder.

Where to Watch Behind Closed Doors Documentary

As told before, an official tweet has cleared that this documentary is all set to be released. The tweet clearly says that this documentary will be released on all major streaming platforms. This clearly indicates that interested people will be able to watch it on Netflix, Amazon prime and other streaming platforms.

Release Date

Right now it will be too early to say anything about Behind Closed Doors documentary release date, because there is no official word about it. What we know so far is that this documentary is complete. It can be released anytime now. Stay tuned for latest information on the release date.

Behind Closed Doors Documentary Trailer – Watch Online Now

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Why are so many people talking about Behind Closed Doors documentary before it’s even released?

The documentary named “Behind Closed Doors” is an investigative work that talks about corruption in developing nations. A Pakistani reported named “Arshad Sharif” who was working on this project was recently killed in Kenya. This sudden killing is being linked with Powerful people who were targetted in the documentary. This is the reason people are talking about this documentary and eager to watch it.

Is the documentary even ready?

It is officially cleared on Twitter that the documentary is complete and will be released very soon on leading streaming platforms.

Where to watch Behind Closed doors documentary online?

Very soon you will be able to watch it on Netflix, Amazon prime and other streaming platforms.
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