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Clinical Officers Council Registration – COC Online Services Portal

The COC Online services portal allows the registration of new members and provides access to existing members of the clinical officer’s council. In this article, I explain the step-by-step process of registration, login and usage of the COC online services portal.

Before starting the registration process, let’s understand the Clinical officer’s council.

Clinical Officers Council Registration

Act No. 20 of the 2017 Laws of Kenya says that the Clinical Officers Council (COC) is a legal entity. According to this Act, the COC’s job is to control how all Clinical officers are trained, registered, licenced, and work. The Council was first set up in 1988 by an Act of Parliament called Cap 260 Laws of Kenya. This law was taken away in 2017.

COC works to train clinical officers so that they can meet the health needs of Kenyans and provide high-quality health services. In 1928, hospital-based certificate programmes were used to train clinical officers. Today, clinical officers are trained at the diploma and degree levels in more than 60 institutions across Kenya. The COC has signed up more than 25,000 clinical officers so far.

Functions of the Clinical Officers Council (COC)

The Clinical Officers Council is in charge of the following:

  • Help the government make decisions about clinical medicine practice policies.
  • Set the minimum education requirements for people who want to become clinical officers. Approve institutions other than those setup or accredited under the Universities Act 2012 to train clinical officers.
  • Set up, approve, and accredit programmes for continuing professional education.
  • Register and licence clinical officers for this Act. Keep a list of all clinical officers who have registered under this Act. Every year, publish the names of all registered clinical officers in the Kenya Gazette.
  • Promote the creation and adoption of codes of practice, regulate professional behaviour, and keep and improve the standards of clinical medicine.
  • Work with other medical professional associations, organisations, and relevant bodies to help the council do its job. Those bodies will deal with other clinical officer-related issues, such as prescribing badges, emblems, or uniforms.

How to Register on Clinical Officers Council COC Portal

Here is the step-by-step process to sign up as a clinical officer council member on the portal; let’s get started.

  • Head to the website
  • At the bottom of the page, click on “Create Account.”
  • This opens up the registration page
  • Here, first of all, select your Cadre
coc online services portal
  • A student needs to provide an Index number, ID number and Email. A practitioner needs to provide a Registration number, ID number and email.
  • After that, click on “Register for online services.”
clinical officers council registration
  • Then, you need to confirm your account via email.

After this, you must log into your account to access the services. Login

  • Go to
  • Enter your username/email
  • Enter your password
  • Then click on the Sign in button.
  • You will be successfully logged in to the account.


What is the primary role of COC?

COC’s job is to control how all Clinical officers are trained, registered, licenced, and work.

Who can register on the Clinical Officers Council portal?

Students and practitioners can sign up on the portal.

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