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Delhi PCC Apply – Online Police Clearance Certificate Registration Form, Check Status

By visiting the Delhi Police official website and completing the required payments, users may request a PCC registration for a private-sector job, migration services, universities, and other organizations. Police clearance is a formal statement provided by a state or government body as a consequence of a background check done by a local authority, most often the police. Its purpose is to list and detect any criminal history that candidates may have. This includes, but is not limited to, arrests, convictions, litigation, and criminal cases. If you have a legitimate police clearance certificate, it signifies you have no criminal convictions throughout your stay in the nation. This page explains how to complete the PCC registration online from the Delhi Police as well as check your PCC Delhi status.

PCC Delhi – Police Clearance Certificate

Delhi, as you may know, is among some of India’s most massive cities, with a population of over three million people. As a result, the Delhi Police Verification registration has recently been switched from an offline to an online process. The online procedure simplifies the process of connecting with the Delhi Police.

As a result, applicants would not be able to apply for police verification directly at police stations in Delhi. We’ve provided step-by-step instructions on how to complete the PCC registration online with the Delhi Police and understand how to check PCC status in Delhi.

Delhi PCC Online Apply – Registration Process

Users will need to check with the Delhi Police portal to get their PCC registration. This can be done following the steps mentioned below.

  • First head on to the official Delhi Police portal at
delhi police official website
  • Scroll the page down and find the option for Services found below. In the menu find the option for “Police Clearance Certificate” to start with the process of PCC registration online.
list of available services
  • Users will now be redirected to the login page for PCC registration. Click on Register.
PCC Delhi online form
  • Users will now be asked to enter the email ID with which they wish to log in. Now click on “Send Me Verification Code”. Enter the validation code that you got on your email ID. Hit submit.
provide email
  • Users will now need to put in the details to create their account on the portal. Choose a strong password while creating the account. Hit Sign Up once done.
delhi pcc user registration
  • After successfully creating your account on the portal, head back to the login page and use your registered email ID and password to login to your dashboard.
  • Now users will need to start the PCC registration online by putting in all the basic details like address, date of birth, district etc as mentioned in the application form.
pcc application
  • Next users will be asked to upload documents to the portal. Users can attach the files as pdf or jpg on the portal.
fill details
  • Click on the option “Pay Now” to pay the fees.
online payment
  • Choose the type of payment method you would like to use. Note that only credit and debit card payments are accepted. Click on Pay Now.
pay now
  • Make the required payment by putting in the card details.
  • Users will now be redirected to the confirmation page after successful fees payment.
fees paid
  • Keep a copy of the receipt for future reference. Remember to keep the “Receipt number” for the PCC Delhi status check.

You are now done with the PCC registration process. The next section will guide you to the complete process of checking PCC Delhi status on the Delhi Police portal.

How to Check PCC Delhi Application Status

Users will need to use the Delhi Police portal to check the PCC Delhi status. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Head on to the official website of Delhi Police and find the option “Police Clearance Certificate”. On the next page click on the option PCC Confirmation/Status on the top menu.
check application status
  • Users will now be redirected to the Application Details and Status Page. Enter the relevant details like PCC number that you got during the registration confirmation step, name, and other details and hit “Search”.
provide details

Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for obtaining a Delhi police verification form, often known as a PCC?

You may register for a Delhi PCC via the Delhi Police’s official website. There is no offline registration process for PCC registration with the Delhi Police.

What papers are required for the police verification form or PCC in Delhi?

Address evidence, a letter from the agency requesting the PCC, the applicant’s photograph, and a rent agreement (for rentals) are all required papers for the Delhi police PCC registration.

How long does it take for the Delhi police clearance certificate to be approved?

If you’re applying for emigration, the Delhi police will accept your PCC application within 21 days, however, it might take less time if you’re applying for work in the country.

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