ELOG Kenya – Latest Updates, Observation Reports 2022

Election Observation Group (ELOG) is a long-term, permanent, and nationwide platform, which is made of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with the purpose of enhancing democracy in Kenya and the African Region through encouraging inclusive, transparent, and accountable electoral processes.

ELOG Kenya

Through consistent election monitoring and observation, ELOG seeks to promote peaceful, credible, transparent, accountable, free, fair, and inclusive elections.

In order to accomplish the above, ELOG has developed an elaborate and holistic infrastructure that will combine general observation with Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) and thematic observation.

Elog has developed an infrastructure to serve its mandate.

ELOG has recruited, trained and deployed over 10,000 general observers across the country, along with 702 PVT observers in sampled polling stations. It has been monitoring the conduct of all stakeholders in the campaign period, apart from the referendum day observers.

ELOG has found it necessary to state its observations and concerns on this basis.It also enjoys the backing and support of veteran election monitoring and observer groups in Kenya.

ELOG Kenya Latest Update 2022

ELOG had given Ruto 50.7 per cent with a margin of error of +/-2.1 per cent.

In Kenya, the ELOG observation group reported that they had deployed over 5,000 observers across 290 constituencies and 47 counties.

Here is the official statement:

“ELOG reports that the results transmission system performed significantly better than anticipated, with more than 99 per cent of scan images of the 34a and 34b being uploaded to IEBC.

However, we are extremely concerned about the chaos that erupted at the national tallying centre in Bomas and the split within the IEBC that led to some commissioners leaving the tallying process and issuing their own statements prior to the announcement of the presidential election results “Anne Ireri, ELOG’s chairwoman, stated as much.”

The Supreme Court of Kenya must authenticate the statement issued by Wafula Chebukati, the chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission.

ELOG Kenya PVT Observers Reports

PVT reports were sent from sampled polling stations via specially formatted text messages and received directly into ELOG’s PVT database.

Efforts were made to ensure rapid and accurate transmission of information and to prevent errors in data entry.


Opening and Set-up

  • ELOG observers reported that most polling stations (98%) opened on time.
  • Nearly all polling stations (99%) were set up so voters could mark their ballots in secret.
  • Referendum agents from both “Yes” and “No” were present at 69% of the polling stations.
  • It is estimated that only 7% of polling stations had neither a Yes or No Referendum Agent.


  • ELOG did not observe any major incidents during the voting process.
  • Most of the polling stations did not attempt to disrupt the voting process (99%).
  • Overall, ELOG was satisfied with the management of the voting process

Closing and Counting

  • Nearly all polling stations (99%) had their ballot box seal intact and the ballot papers were displayed to Referendum Committee Agents and observers before counting.
  • Referendum committee agents requested recounts in only 43% of polling stations.
  • Representatives of the Referendum Committee signed the results form (Form 6) at nearly all stations with them (98%).
  • There were copies of the results form (Form 6) outside most polling stations (90%).
  • The majority of polling stations (98%) report that no one attempted to intimidate or influence election officials during the counting process.

ELOG Portal

For the latest Updates, you may refer to the official ELOG Kenya website https://elog.or.ke/

What is PVT

PVT has been developed and applied in more than thirty countries around the world, including the Philippines, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia, Chile, Indonesia, Peru, and Lebanon.

As a result of the PVT exercise, the counting and tabulation process can be independently and systematically verified during election and referenda days.

What is PVT Sample

In order to collect data on the conduct of the vote counting and counting process as well as to record the official vote count of polling stations, PVT involves highly trained, accredited observers. PVTs are NOT conducted by observers asking voters for whom they voted, unlike exit polls. PVT counted the ballot papers and recorded official poll results. A result is estimated by adding independently the official vote counts together.
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