IEBC Results Portal 2022- Check Live Presidential Election Result

Thanks to the online facility, you can now check the presidential election results live online. All this in the comfort of your home. The country’s election completed successfuly on August 9th, 2022.

After the voting is closed, live transmissions has already begun to be transmitted to the tally center, which is Bomas of Kenya. Several selected media stations will be given the privilege to cover the event live from the tally center.

The results are being broadcasted to all TV stations, radios, and website affiliates. The national television network KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) is usually given the first priority because it is government owned.

As Kenyans wait eagerly to vote and choose their next leaders for a period of five years, we urge you to maintain peace and harmony. Let’s dive in and see how you can check the presidential election results live online.

IEBC Results Portal 2022

The IEBC election results website provides reported 34A, 34B, and 34C forms to download. You will be able to view the forms for each selected county or ward. The RTS system will relay the live results to the IEBC website.

Ensure you have the following before accessing the website.

  • A working computer
  • Stable internet (because many people will be accessing the portal)
  • Details of places(polling centers) where you want to check the forms

This is how you’ll be able to access the live results:

  • Launch your browser.
  • Open the IEBC form portal.
  • Choose the form you would like to view (34A, 34B, or 34C).
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  • Choose your county, constituency, and ward.
  • Choose your polling center and polling station.
  • Click to view
  • The form will be displayed.
  • You can click to view or download it.
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Check Kenya 2022 Elections Results Online

IEBC Election Results Portal 2022

The RTS system will transmit provisional results from different polling centers to the main tallying center.

This is how the procedure will go down:

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  1. The IEBC presiding officer will enter signed results data to configured mobile phones.
  2. The phones will then transmit the election results from different centers at the ward, constituency, and county levels to the national tallying center at Bomas of Kenya.
  3. Follow the procedure below to check how the elections will be transmitted via the RTS system.
  4. The presiding officer at each polling station will send their results to the BackOffice server using the RTS system.
  5. The returning officer will be able to access information and reports from the BackOffice server.
  6. The BackOffice server will also relay results to the tally centers.
  7. The results (forms) will be published on the IEBC portal as soon as they are received from the BackOffice application.
  8. The public will watch the live streams on big screens strategically set up by the IEBC.
  9. IEBC will also publish the live results as they’re received on their website.

Uses of RTS

  1. Enhance transparency: This will be done through electronic transmission of results from different polling stations around the country.
  2. Display and visualize results at the main tally center.
  3. Provide election data to media stakeholders for live transmission.
  4. Visualize presidential results

IEBC Contacts

Feel free to contact IEBC for any questions or clarifications through the following contacts.

Physical location

The 6th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi.

Phone/Telephone numbers

(254) 020 – 2877000, (254) 020 – 2769000.

Email Addresses

Postal Address

P.O. Box 45371 – 00100, Nairobi

Official website

Facebook page

Twitter page

Remember, it’s our only country, and we have been co-existing peacefully. Don’t let politics divide us. We are one. Let’s conduct a peaceful election.

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