Kazi Mtaani 2022-23 – Phase 4 Online Application, kms go ke Registration, Latest News

Interested in Kazi Mtaani program? Discover the latest news updates right here. Find out eligibility criteria, how to Apply Online & Fill in the registration form. Step by Step details of filling kms go ke application are covered. Also, discover how to check the list of shortlisted candidates.

The youths have something to smile about again in this challenging financial year. The government has announced that the shortlisted candidates for the Kazi Mtaani will start working as soon as possible. The country has been witnessing the rise of household commodities, and the youth have been greatly affected because they are the biggest percentage of those who lack jobs.

The government and stakeholders have decided to bring the project back after nearly six months of inactivity to neutralize this economic crisis. Many youths around the zoned areas will benefit from this exercise.

Kazi Mtaani 2022-23

The National Hygiene Programme (NHP), dubbed Kazi Mtaani is an income generation activity whose primary purpose is to assist youths from informal settlements financially by giving them small menial jobs of cleaning the public roads, areas, and markets in informal settlements and, in return, paying them. This exercise will cushion them from the biting crisis and effects of the COVID-10 pandemic.

The program’s main objective is to provide social protection for individuals whose main economic activities have been disrupted by the policies introduced by the government to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

During the third phase, the state department is implementing training components in all 47 counties. This exercise aims to equip the youth with industry skills to make them employable and productive after the Corona pandemic.

After the training, the youths will be able to save, register groups, and form social enterprises, which will enable them to apply for funding from the government. The number of youths trained in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, life skills, and national values has surpassed 200,000. A good indication that the initiative is positively impacting the lives of informal settlement youths.

Requirements for applicants

  1. You should be a youth aged between 18 and 35 years.
  2. You should be a Kenyan citizen with an identity card (ID).
  3. You must be a resident of the area where you’re making the application (e.g., if you are a resident of Kayole, apply for a position in the Kayole region).
  4. KCSE or KCPE certificates (not required, but it’s an added advantage on your side).
  5. You should not be benefiting from any government transfer or subsidy program
  6. You should provide a valid phone number registered with M-Pesa for payments. (The details on the ID card must match the ones used in M-Pesa)

Duties of Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Applicants

  1. Plant trees to reduce ozone layer destruction, improve the climate, and create green spaces where people can relax and children play.
  2. Town beautification involves planting flowers in designated areas and constructing or renovating community gardens.
  3. Collecting garbage in marketplaces or non-designated dumping sites.
  4. Unclogging drainage that has been neglected over a long period of time causes flooding during the rainy season.
  5. Repairing and refurbishing public institutions such as Tvets.

What has happened so far in Phase 3?

After the application was closed, statistics show that over 1 million youth applied for the program. Nairobi County was leading with over 197,000, followed by Kiambu at 78,000 applicants. This shows just the tip of the iceberg of how the unemployment rate is alarming.

Elgeyo Marakwet and Lamu counties had the lowest number of applicants, standing at slightly over 8,000.

This article will describe and explain how to apply, confirm your details, and the requirements for the Kazi Mtaani program.

How to Apply Online for Kazi Mtaani Phase 4 – kms.go.ke Application 2022

kms.ko.ke kazi mtaani

In November 2021, the principal secretary for the state department of housing and urban development, Mr. Charles Hinga Mwaura, officially launched the application and registration of youths on the (KMS) Kazi Mtaanni Management System.

He spoke after officially launching the program online, which would run for six months, ending in June 2022. Due to unforeseen challenges, the initiative didn’t start. It was expected to cut across the country, covering over 900 informal settlements.

In addition, Mr. Hinga said the Kazi Mtaani initiative would further provide technical and vocational skills to the youth. The online portal would also provide transparency and efficiency during the application process.

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KYEOP Cycle 8 Application Form

Kazi Mtaani 2022 Registration Form Apply @ kms go ke

To access the registration form, you should have:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A desktop, laptop, or a smartphone (a computer will be better).
  • Your national identity card (ID)
  • Applicant in person

When you have the above details, proceed to open https://kms.go.ke/ with either the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 1 (Your Personal Details)

kazi mtaani registration
  1. After you have clicked on https://kms.go.ke/, the Kazi Mtaani registration form will open.
  2. Before entering any details, read the requirements that are supposed to be filled.
  3. Please enter your first, middle, and last name as they appear on your national ID card.
  4. Select your gender (whether male or female).
  5. Enter your phone number (make sure it’s valid and registered with the mobile money service). Failure to which your earnings will be disbursed to the wrong number.
  6. Proceed to input your official date of birth (using the Day/Month/Year format).
  7. If you have any physical disability, please indicate it in this section and click next.

Step 2 (National ID Details)

  1. Tick whether you have an ID or not (tick yes, as it’s a requirement before you begin).
  2. Enter your ID number as it appears on your card.
  3. Next, enter your ID serial number (it’s on the left upper side of your ID).
  4. Lastly, enter your district of birth (it’s indicated below your gender on your ID) and then click next.

Step 3 (Location Details)

  1. Select the county where you’re currently residing and want to work (it’s different from the county of birth; don’t indicate your home county unless you permanently live there).
  2. Continue and select your ward or location. If you’re not sure, consult your area chief for clarification.
  3. Indicate your residence (e.g., Umoja kwa chief or Mathare Mabatini).
  4. Enter your sub-county where you’re currently residing (e.g., Embakasi, Mathare, Ruai, etc.).
  5. Choose your village or informal settlement from the list.
  6. Once you are done and confirm the details, click next.

Step 4 (Education and Skill Level)

  1. This is the final section where you will indicate your skills, education, and job. You can’t be disqualified because of a lack of education or skills, so don’t panic.
  2. Indicate your level of education from primary school to master’s level.
  3. Enter your skill level (ranging from skilled industrial trade to unskilled).
  4. Enter your preferred job (here, you’ve got two options: construction work and Malaria Youth Army)
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions, confirm you’re not a robot and submit your form.

Shortlisted Candidates List

For those youths who applied for Kazi Mtaani phase 3, the list has not been published online, and therefore you are advised to visit your Area County Commissioner or Chief and check if your name is on the shortlisted list.

Kazi Mtaani Latest News

► The Deputy President noted that each recipient of the programme is supposed to receive Sh1,000 per day and not Sh450. He questioned why the promised amount is not being given.

► James Macharia, cabinet secretary for transport, clarified that salaries for the Kazi Mtaani program have not changed and will remain unchanged for the third phase.

► Bungoma County has so far enrolled 8000 youth in phase three of the Kazi Mtaani program. During a press conference on June 7, 2022, Samuel Kimiti, the Busia County Commissioner, directed county commissioners to make a follow-up for all the youth on the program to report to work.

Mr. Kimiti further said that 268 youth will act as supervisors and that the selection was done free and fairly. He thanked the government for employing the youth during this electioneering period because some politicians use them to cause chaos.

In addition, the commissioner urged the youths to get smartphones to enable them to track their progress. Mr. Moses Oduor, the county housing director, vowed to work with the county commissioners to monitor the youths closely and ensure they deliver on their work.

► In Siaya County, more than 5,600 youths have joined phase three of the Kazi Mtaani Programme. Mr. Jim Njoka said the initiative would run from June to August 2022. 191 supervisors will be mandated to ensure the work is effectively done.

Mr. Njoka stated that the work will run in all the 30 wards in Siaya County and will improve the environmental standards and hygiene in the county. In phases one and two of the program, concentration was on peri-urban and urban centers, but in phase three, it involves the whole county from urban areas to villages.

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Verify Kazi Mtaani Registration

If you want to check your details online, you’ll have to open the official website https://kms.go.ke/registration/verify.

verify kazi mtani info
  • Enter your ID number as it appears on your physical ID card.
  • Submit and confirm whether your details are available.
  • If your details are not available, it simply indicates that your application was never submitted or didn’t go through. Proceed to apply on the official portal https://kms.go.ke/.

Detailed Verification Process

How Much Does Kazi Mtaani Pay?

In phase one of the Kazi Mtaani program, the youths were paid a daily stipend of Ksh 600–653 according to their area. In phase two of the program, the amount was reduced to Ksh 455 per day; the decision was made because many regions and youths had been incorporated into the program.

Payments are made once a week, but official payments for phase three have not been communicated. Phase 1 utilized Ksh 632 million, and phase two utilized Ksh 10 billion. It’s yet to be confirmed how much money phase three of the project will utilize.

How many applicants registered for phase 3 of the Kazi mtaani program?

As per a report, Around 1 million applicants submitted online applications. Around 2 lakh applications were from Nairobi county.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Any Kenyan applicant from Age 18 to 35 years with a valid National ID card is eligible to apply.

What are the duties of selected applicants?

Plant trees & similar work for the city, town beautification, garbage collection, unclogging drainage during rainy seasons, maintaining parks, etc.
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