Kenya Number Plate Search

Kenya Number Plate Search Made Simple: Step-by-Step Guide

The Kenya number plate search allows buyers and authorities to know the owner of the number plate. Before the number plate search was introduced, many customers were duped into buying stolen vehicles.

Additionally, it was complex to track criminals as it took a very long time to retrieve the details from the NTSA.

If you’re planning to buy a second-hand vehicle, a number plate search is crucial. The details that appear on the search should match the ones on the vehicle. The crucial details to check include color, chassis, and engine number.

Here is a step-by-step on how to do a number plate search.

Step by step on how to do a Kenya number plate search

Before doing a Kenya number plate search, you’ll need the following:

  • The number plate to be searched
  • Stable internet
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Funds to pay (Ksh 550)
  • An eCitizen account
Kenya number plate search

If you have the above-named requirement, proceed to the search

  1. Open a new tab on Google
  2. Search for eCitizen
  3. Click sign in
  4. Enter your ID number or email address
  5. Enter your password
  6. Sign in
  7. Send OTP your phone or email address
  8. Enter OTP
  9. Click next
  10. Once your dashboard opens, proceed to the NTSA portal (New)
  11. Click Continue
  12. Your NTSA portal will open displaying your driver’s license details
  13. Click the “Services” tab
  14. Scroll down to the fourth option on the left side (Motor vehicle copy of records)
  15. Click Apply
  16. Enter the vehicle registration number (KDO111A) or the chassis number
  17. Click search
  18. The vehicle registration number together with the chassis number will be displayed
  19. Click submit
  20. Choose your payment mode to pay the funds (Ksh 550)
  21. After you’ve successfully paid, you will receive a Mpesa confirmation message
  22. Click complete
  23. Download your copy of the records and print


Kenya number plate search is crucial when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. People can be cunning and you should never trust by word of mouth. Ensure you do a search before purchasing that vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the latest number plate in Kenya?

The latest number plate in Kenya as of February 2024 is KDP.

How much does it cost to get new number plates in Kenya?

Getting a new number plate in Kenya will cost you 3,050. The new generation plates are advanced security-wise. For new number plates e.g. KDP, the new number plate is the new generation, you don’t need to replace it.

How can I check ownership of a car online?

To check for ownership of a car online, you need an eCitizen account. Log in and proceed to the NTSA portal section, request for a “copy of records”, pay, and download the details.

How do I check the owner of a car on NTSA?

To check for an owner of a car proceed to eCitizen. The NTSA TIMS website was migrated to eCitizen and all the services moved. You will also need Ksh 550 to check for the details online

Is there a KDF number plate in Kenya?

Yes, there are KDF number plates but are only reserved for the military. The number plates are not actually labeled KDF by KA for Kenya Army, KV for Kenya Navy, and KAF for Kenya Air Force.

What is the KX number plate in Kenya?

The KX number plates are designed for NGOs by NTSA. They are red in color and have subsequent digits after the KX (e.g. KX 12 A 23). The digits after KX denote the specific NGO and the rank of the holder of the office. The number plates are different from the Embassy and UN plates.

What is the CC on a car plate?

The CC plate is placed on the front or rear bumper of the car. It’s used by diplomats and indicates the vehicle belongs to the consular. The vehicle may sometimes have the red diplomatic plates and sometimes it may have the normal civilian plates.

How long does the logbook take after the transfer?

According to NTSA, a new logbook is issued between 7 to 21 days. Sometimes it may take longer, especially when there is a backlog or an error in the logbook.

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