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Digital Number Plates Kenya – New Generation Security Features How to Apply Online

Interior CS Fred Matiangi on 30 August 2022 launched digital number plates that are equipped with enhanced security features that will help in combating crime such as vehicle theft, fraud, tax evasion, and terrorism among others.

Kenya new generation vehicle number plates
Officials Showing Digital number plates to media

The aim of launching digital number plates in Kenya is to securitize motor vehicle registration in the country. This will help to eliminate theft and fraud. He said that Kenya has now stepped into a new level of Motor vehicle registration in the country.

Digital Number Plates Kenya

With around 4.8 million motor vehicles in the country, it is extremely important to set up a system that can make every vehicle uniquely identifiable. Also, the system has to provide complete history and ownership details of the vehicle.

Considering all these points in mind, various departments of Kenya collaborated with NTSA to come up with New Generation number plates.

These digital number plates are equipped with various security features.

Expected Features of Digital New Generation Number Plates

Although during the launch event, the features were not clearly explained, the speakers however gave few hints. As per our understanding, the new high-security number plates in Kenya might have the following features:

  • A built-in chip that contains complete information about the vehicle
  • A built-in GPS or similar device for tracking
  • The material to be used in these number plates is going to be of extremely high quality to ensure there is minimal damage in the event of accident

More information regarding the security features of new vehicle number plates in Kenya will be shared as soon as the department throws some more light on it.

Key Benefits of NTSA New Generation Number Plates

The digital vehicle number plates will

  • Accurate Identity of the vehicles
  • Provide accurate information on the background and origin and ownership of the vehicles
  • Bring an end to vehicle theft by selling motor vehicles that are stolen

The level of transparency due to this high-security number plate system in Kenya is going to increase.


Apply for Digital New Generation Number Plates in Kenya

One can apply for a new high-security vehicle number plate in Kenya via online and offline modes. If the NTSA centre is nearby, the offline mode can be helpful, however, the best way to apply is to follow the online registration process and order a new digital number plate.

Let’s discuss both of these methods.

Apply Online for Digital Number Plate – Registration Process

The online registration process is going to start very soon. As soon as it starts, you need to follow these steps:

Head to the NTSA portal

The first step is to visit the NTSA website.

Navigate to the Number Plate Section

Then navigate to the Number plate section and click on “Digital Number plate”

Fill in the online application

Now, users need to fill in the online application. Provide vehicle details and old number plate information.

Submit the Form

Now, submit the new number plate registration form.

After the online application is completed, your request will be given to the concerned department. Then, you will be informed as soon as your new digital number plates are ready to be fixed.

Offline Method of Applying

The offline process is as simple as it sounds. You need to visit the nearest NTSA branch and manually fill in and submit the form there.

How long will it take to implement the digital security number plate regime in Kenya?

During the launch event, Mr Fred Matiangi shared that this exercise should be completed within 18 months.

Which vehicles need to adhere to the high-security number plates rule?

All motor vehicles in all the counties of Kenya will have to get rid of old number plates and get the new ones installed.

How to Apply for digital number plates in Kenya?

As soon as the process starts, users will be able to apply online and even offline for this process.

How much is the digital number plate fee?

The details regarding the fees are not clear yet. Department will soon share information related to this.


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