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Makueni county internship application form

The county government of Makueni is inviting applications from recently graduated students. At least 90 interns will be placed in County, Sub County and ward offices.

Makueni county internship 2023

This is an excellent opportunity if you are looking for an Internship. This article is dedicated to sharing complete details of the makueni county internship. Let’s dive in straight away.

makueni internship application form 2023

Makueni Public Service Board Internship Requirements

  1. Application Letter: This letter should mention the job post you are applying form
  2. Duly Filled Internship Application Form
  3. CV: Curriculum Vitae
  4. Academic Certificates, Copies and transcripts
  5. Diploma Degree Certificate or Letter of completion from University/College
  6. KRA Pin
  7. Copy of National ID
  8. Good Conduct Certificate Copy

Internship Vacancy in Makueni County

There are total 90 seats available in various departments. I have listed all of them along with all details below. I Hope they will be helpful

Office of the Governor, Deputy Governor & County Secretary

County Attorney2➤LL.B (Law Degree)
Liaison1➤Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration,
development studies or ICT
➤Excellent writing and Communication skills
Human Resource1➤Bachelor’s Degree in records management
County Secretary1➤Bachelor’s Degree in public relations
➤Excellent writing and
Communication skills
➤Versed in ICT skills
Governor Press Service2➤Bachelor’s Degree in communication, media
studies, journalism,
➤Attention to detail
Administration2➤Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Political Science
➤Excellent writing and
➤Versed in ICT skills
Hospitality Catering1➤Degree in hospitality, catering
➤Excellent writing and
communication skills
Office of Chief Officer1➤Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations
➤Excellent writing and communication skills
➤Versed in ICT skills

Makueni County Public Service Board (MCPSB)

Records Management1➤Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science
ICT1➤Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science,
➤competence in SQL, MYSQL, Python and web design

Water and Sanitation

Project planning, Design and Implementation section2➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/
Water Engineering
➤ Diploma in civil/ water
Dam construction unit1➤ Diploma in Mechanical engineering
Operation and Maintenance1➤ Diploma in Electrical/
Electronic/ Engineering

Infrastructure, Transport, Public works, Housing and Energy

Civil Engineers (Roads)1➤ Degree in Civil Engineering
Plant operators(Transport)1➤ Certificate in Plant Operation
Plant mechanics (Transport)1➤ Degree in mechanical
Automotive Engineers (Transport)1➤ Automotive engineering
(mechanical or electrical),
plant mechanic
Architects (Public Works)1➤Bachelor’s Degree in
Architecture, Quantity survey,
building and construction, and
construction management
➤ Mechanical Engineering(building
services), Electrical
engineering, architecture,
construction management
Mechanical engineers [building services] (Public Works)1—–do——
Electrical Engineers (Public Works)1——do——

ICT Education and Internship

Administration2➤ Module 1&2 in Secretarial
➤ Certificate in Computer
Communication1➤ Degree in Communication,
Media, Public Relations or
related field
➤ Basic numeracy and IT skills
➤ Good organizational and
interpersonal skills required
➤ Computer Literate
ICT2➤ BSc in computer science,
software development web application development with
the following knowledge and
skills: PHP, Ajax, JavaScript
JSON, Angular JS, I Query,
database development, mobile
programming, graphic design
and network design and
IMV2➤ Degree in Human Resources,
Business, Public Relations,
Social Studies, Economics,
Statistics or related field
➤ Basic numeracy and IT skills
➤ Good organizational and
interpersonal skills required
➤ Computer Literate
ECDE2➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood
Development Education.

➤ Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education (1)
Metal processing(Arc Welder)1➤ Diploma in metal processing,
Pedagogy skills from a recognized

➤ Certificate in Computer
application from a recognized
Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy instructor1➤ Diploma in hairdressing,
Pedagogy skills from a
recognized institution,
➤ Certificate in Computer
application from a recognized
Garment Making Technology1➤ Diploma in Garment making
technology. Pedagogy skills
from a recognized institution,
➤Certificate in Computer
application from a recognized

Lands, Urban Planning & Development, Environment and Climate Change

Urban Planning
3➤ Bachelor’s degree in physical/
special/ urban and regional
Survey and mapping2➤ Bachelor’s degree in land
survey/ cartography or
undergraduate degree in
geomatics engineering

➤ Diploma in land survey/
cartography (1)
Environment and Climate Change1➤ BSc: Environmental
Sciences; Environmental
Conservation and
Management, Geography and
Natural resources
management; Climate Change
Development; Forestry;
Renewable Energy and
Technology; Wildlife
Management, Mining and
other related courses

Devolution, Public Participation, county Administration and Special program

Administration/Executive1➤ Diploma in Front Office
Management, Secretarial
(Module 1&2), Business
Administration, Social

➤ Computer packages
Special Programs, Disaster Management and Emergency Services1➤ Diploma in Firefighting or
Disaster Management
Directorate of County Administration2➤ Degree in Public Policy,
Administration, Community
Directorate of Public Participation & Civic Education1➤Degree in Development
studies. Community
development. Economic with
Sociology, Project

➤Proficiency in Computer

Trade, Industry, Marketing, Tourism and Culture

Trade Industry and
1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Business related courses
preferably Marketing option
Tourism1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Development or related
Culture1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Anthropology, community development or related field

Gender, Children, Youth, Sports and Social services

Children Dept.1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in either;Sociology, Social Work,Psychology, Counselling,Community Development or Gender Studies
➤ MUST possess excellent computer skills because of the CPMIS system
➤ MUST be dedicated and passionate on children matters with no record of criminal
Disability Mainstreaming2➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Social services,Community Development
Sub- county offices1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in either Social work/Gender studies or Community development
Sports1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Sports administration/ management/ recreation, project management, community development and social work
Youth affairs1➤ Bachelors’ degree in development studies, community development, sociology, project management, public policy
leadership and governance, social work, entrepreneurship,
public communication and journalism
➤ Proficiency in computer applications
Office Administration1➤ Diploma in Front office management or Secretarial

Finance and social economic planning

Cash management [Financial Accounting Services]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in finance
and Related courses
Financial Reporting [Financial Accounting Services]2➤ Bachelor’s degree in
Accounting and Related
Departmental Accounting [Financial Accounting Services]2➤ Bachelor’s degree in
Accounting and Related
Examination [Financial Accounting Services]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in finance
and Related courses
Internal Audit1➤ Bachelors’ degree in
Accounting and related
Planning [Socio Economic Planning]1➤ Bachelor’s degree
Economics/Economics and
Planning [Socio Economic Planning]1➤ Bachelor’s degree Statistics
Administration1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
Budget and Expenditure1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in
Economics and Finance
Procurement2➤ Bachelor’s Degree in supply
chain Management
Accounts1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Accounting


Administration2➤ Diploma in Accounts, Health Administration, and
Information Technology (ICT), Administration assistant
Human Resource Management1➤ Degree Human Resource Management
Community Health1➤ Diploma in Community Health
Medical Social Work2➤ Diploma in Medical Social Work
Public Health2➤ Diploma in Environmental Health sciences

Department of Agriculture,Irrigation,Livestock,Fisheries and Cooperative Development

Food technologist [Agriculture and Irrigation]1➤ Bachelor’s Degree in Food science
Irrigation engineers [Agriculture and Irrigation]1➤ Agricultural engineering, Soil and Water bio system engineering
Agribusiness [Agriculture and Irrigation]1➤ Bachelors’ degree in Agribusiness, Agricultural
Economics, Agriculture
Range management [Livestock & Fisheries]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Range management, Animal production, Forestry
Fisheries [Livestock & Fisheries]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture, Fisheries
Animal health [Veterinary]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Animal Health management/
Bachelor of Veterinary medicine
Laboratory [Veterinary]1➤ Certificate in Laboratory science
Statistician/ Data & Information
management [Veterinary]
1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Information technology,
Cooperatives [Veterinary]1➤ Bachelors in Cooperative management option
Project Assistant [Projects]1➤ Bachelor’s degree in Project planning and Management, Logistics
Communication [Projects]➤ Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Public
relations, Media relations or related field

How to Apply & Where to Get the Application Form

So, there is no online application mode available for this internship opportunity. All applications shall be hand delivered to the Office of makueni county service board.

Kindly note that the last date to submit application is 26th January 2023.

You may download the Application Form From Here

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