2023 Nairobi City Marathon

Nairobi City Marathon 2023 – New Date, Fees & Online Registration Form

The Nairobi City Marathon 2023, which was scheduled to take place on 21st May, is postponed to 2nd July 2023.

Nairobi City Marathon 2023

The new date of the Nairobi City Marathon 2023 was notified via a press release. Here is the press release:

why was nairobi city marathon postponed

Nairobi City Marathon Registration Fee

EventPrice (for Local Participants)Cost (For International Players)
42 Km MarathonKSH 150090 USD
21 Km Half MarathonKSH 120060 USD
10km Expressway RunKSH 100040 USD
5km Fun RunKSH 50020 USD


42 Kilometer MarathonStart Time: 07:00hrs || Assembly Time: 06:30hrs
21 Km Half MarathonStart Time: 06:30hrs || Assembly Time: 06:00hrs
10km Expressway RunStart Time: 07:30hrs || Assembly Time: 07:00hrs
5km Fun RunStart Time: 08:00hrs || Assembly Time: 07:30hrs

Prize Money

41 Km Marathon Prize Money

PositionWinners Men’sWinners Women’s
1KES 3,500,000KES 3,500,000
2KES 2,250,000KES 2,250,000
3KES 1,500,000KES 1,500,000
4KES 800,000KES 800,000
5KES 650,000KES 650,000
6KES 450,000KES 450,000
7KES 400,000KES 400,000
8KES 325,000KES 325,000
9KES 300,000KES 300,000
10KES 200,000KES 200,000
11KES 175,000KES 175,000
12KES 150,000KES 150,000
13KES 140,000KES 140,000
14KES 130,000KES 130,000
15KES 120,000KES 120,000
16KES 100,000KES 100,000
17KES 80,000KES 80,000
18KES 60,000KES 60,000
19KES 50,000KES 50,000
20KES 30,000​KES 30,000​

21 Km Half Marathon Prize Money

PositionWinners Men’sWinners Women’s
1KES 150,000KES 150,000
2KES 80,000KES 80,000
3KES 50,000KES 50,000
4KES 30,000KES 30,000
5KES 25,000KES 25,000
6KES 20,000KES 20,000

10 Km Expressway Run Prize Money

PositionWinners Men’sWinners Women’s
1KES 100,000KES 100,000
2KES 60,000KES 60,000
3KES 40,000KES 40,000
4KES 30,000KES 30,000
5KES 15,000KES 15,000
6KES 7,500KES 7,500

How to Register for Nairobi City Marathon 2023

Those unaware of the registration process are hereby informed that the registration process is online. So, every applicant needs to fill in the online application form.

Every interested participant has to register for the event they are interested in. Also, the registration fee has to be paid online

Here is the how-to register:

  • Head to the official page
  • Go to the “Registration” Link in the Menu
  • Then Choose from Local/EAC Registration or International Registration
  • Now, you will be redirected to the relevant page, where you can complete the registration process and confirm your seat for the event.

You may use the below-given links to navigate to the registration page directly.

Direct Links to Register

Local/EAC RegistrationInternational Registration
Register NowRegister Here


Phone Number+254 726 214 348

Is the Nairobi City Marathon 2023 postponed?

Yes, now the event is scheduled to take place on 2nd July 2023.

What are the various type of events?

42 Km Marathon, 21 Km Half Marathon, 10 Km Expressway Run, 5 km Fun Run.

What is the last date to register?

The last date to register is 21st May 2023.


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