Kenya Youth Fund Form 2022-Scholarship Eligibility, How to apply, online registration @youthfund go ke

In this article, you are enlightened to know more about the Kenya Youth Fund-2022 Scholarship form, its procedures, and requirements.

This is a complete guide to the Kenya Youth Fund Scholarship Fund-2020. If you have been looking for Kenya Youth Fund-2022 Scholarship Form, its eligibility, and how to go about it, then this is the right guide for you. It will take you through each step while navigating the portal

All the Kenyan youths can now freely access these forms online via the Kenya Youth Fund Form-2022 platform. Therefore, to know more about this scholarship opportunity available for the youths, let’s get started.

What is Kenya Youth Fund Scholarship Form-2022

Kenya youth fund scholarship form 2022

The Youth Fund Scholarship is a state corporation under the Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Youth Affairs. The Fund is one of the flagship projects of Kenya Vision 2030. Its main focus is on enterprise development and general education of the poor youths as a key strategy to increase economic opportunities for and participation by Kenyan Youth in nation-building. The Fund’s purpose is to create employment opportunities for young people through entrepreneurship and enhance their production skills.

The Kenya youth Fund Form-2022 is a government-initiated scholarship program established to address the critical issues affecting the education and businesses of the youths in Kenya. Its mandate was to help the needy and deserving youths with available limited financial resources. Mainly it’s for those who portray academic excellence and the dire need to acquire practical skills and basic knowledge that enhances self-resilience in perusing their education and daily business operations.


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The KYFF-2022 was constituted in a strong belief that the majority of the Kenyan youths come from a very humble or poor background and are unable to afford their college or university fees and other related costs. It was due to the constant widening gap between the rich and the poor that resulted in hereditary poverty as a common occurrence in the country.

The state had adverse effects on the growth and development of the Kenyan youth both physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It is the best youth fund initiative by the government of Kenya, where all the vulnerable youths access and download their scholarship forms online.

These forms are designed and automated by the government to be easily accessed by the youths who submit their details to be awarded the scholarships.

Kenya Youth Fund Scholarship requirements

Here are the eligibility criteria for applying to Kenya youth fund scholarship

  1. Applicants must attach the previous copies of their academic certificate
  2. Applicants must show proof that they are capable and require the scholarship
  3. The sponsorship application form duly filled
  4. A letter of recommendation from DEO, on behalf of DEB for the teachers currently in service.
  5. Recommendation letter from a recognized spiritual leader or the administrative officer.

Kenya Youth Fund – Apply, Online Application Form 2022, Registration

For any needy Kenyan youth who want to access the Kenya Youth Fund Scholarship Form-2022 successfully, kindly follow these simple steps to reach the online forms;

Kenya youth fund scholarship login
  • Go to the Kenya Youth Fund Form platform at
Apply online for kenya youth fund scheme
  • Click on the new or already a member as shown
  • Please fill out the registration form application form and submit it
online application form
  • That will be your final process.

Various Technical fields on which you can submit your application scholarship Fund Forms

areas of formal technical training

For any information related to the Kenya youth fund scheme, use the given below information

C:\Users\Nyambok\Downloads\IMG_20211202_164635 (1).jpg

Related FAQs

Where to drop The Kenya Youth Fund scholarship Form-2022

These scholarship forms can be dropped at the nearest Huduma Centers near you. Also, you can drop the forms at any administrative office.

Kenya Youth Fund Scholarship Form-2022 contact information

The following are the contact details in case one is in need. These contacts will help you solve any difficulty you are going through in the scholarship application process. For those who are doing inquiry and feedback, you can send your emails,
Official website:

Final Words

This was real information about Kenya Youth Fund-2022. I hope this article is of great benefit and helpful to you. This program is being implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the public service sector, youth development funds.

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