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Airtel Sim Card Self Registration & Online Update || Step by Step Guide 2024

If you are interested in airtel sim card self registration or update, this article is going to help you. For all new users, we have explained the self registration process and for existing ones who want to update their registration information, a seprate section is included.

Airtel Sim card self-registration (& update) is now available to every user, thanks to the telecom giant that has been pursuing customer satisfaction in the hotly contested market. Airtel is popular among many Kenyan subscribers due to its cheaper calls and data bundles.

However, the stiff competition from Telkom and Safaricom has only made Airtel more successful due to its inventions in the telecom sector. Well, they say that the comfort zone is the enemy of progress, and that has proved to be true. Over the years, the competition between telecom giants has improved consumer services.

Despite the advanced technological breakthroughs, fraudsters have been able to manoeuvre and grow their illicit trade. The fraudsters use your details to register new sim cards and defraud people using your credentials.

The illicit trade involves a complicated network of individuals who at times masquerade as service providers, only for them to steal your details. Nevertheless, Airtel has stepped up to the challenge and introduced several ways in which you can curb ruthless criminals.

This article will show you some of the ways you can register an Airtel SIM card and update it through a detailed step-by-step process. Let’s get started.

Airtel Sim Card Registration

There are several ways in which you can register your Airtel SIM card. The main ones are:

  1. Self-registration
  2. Registration through an Airtel dealer

Most of the subscribers opt for registration through an Airtel dealer, but what if you’re in a remote area or in an emergency? Would you be able to visit an Airtel dealer? Between convenience and delay, what would you choose? Let’s see which one is better.

Airtel Sim Card Self Registration 2024

The Airtel self-registration offers convenience above everything else. You can easily register your Sim card at any place, any time. Sounds good? Furthermore, you are never worried about who might sneak a peek at your personal details.

Here is how you self-register your Airtel Sim card:

  • Dial *386# on your phone
  • Follow the prompts, and your sim card will be activated.

However, sometimes the service might be unavailable; you just have to be patient. Once done, follow the below process to activate your sim card to 4G:

  • Launch your message app
  • Send your SIM card number (20 digits) to 121
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you; reply with 1.
  • Listen keenly to the confirmation call from Airtel and reply with 1 to give consent
  • That’s all. Your SIM card is activated and ready for calls. However, the SMS service will be unblocked after 24 hours. This is done for your account’s safety (remember that we talked about high-level fraudsters).

Registering Airtel Sim Card from Dealership

  • To register your Airtel SIM card at any dealership shop, carry your ID card.
  • An Airtel agent will take you through the process (nothing is required of you)

Updating Airtel Sim Card Registration Info

The time is now if you haven’t registered your Airtel SIM card. Don’t risk losing your SIM card because of a tiny issue with SIM updates. Before you proceed to update your SIM card, you should have the following documents:

Kenyan citizens

  • Original identity card
  • Original and valid passport
  • Original service card (for Kenya Defense Forces members)
  • Original birth certificate

East African residents

  • An original national identity card (from your country)
  • An original passport
  • An original East African passport
  • Any other valid registration documents which are acceptable as an identification document in your country

Foreign nationals

  • Original and valid passport
  • Original alien card

Statutory bodies

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • National ID card for one of the directors
  • Certificate of registration


  • Guardians identification card
  • Minors’ date of birth

Airtel Sim Online Registration Update

Once you’re ready with the documents, follow the following process:

Airtel sim registration update website
  • Enter your Airtel mobile number
  • Click on “Validate and Get OTP”
enter mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and click “Verify.”
update process
  • Select ID type
  • Enter ID number
  • First, upload the front side of your ID (preview to check whether it has been uploaded successfully).
  • Next, upload the back side of your ID card (it must be in jpeg format and clearly show the details).
  • Tick to agree to terms and conditions
provide details
  • Hit submit
  • You will receive a message from Airtel instructing you to wait for your documents to be verified.
response submitted
  • If you’re successful, you will receive a message congratulating you on updating your SIM card.
  • If you aren’t successful, visit any Airtel dealership shop.


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Now that the information is available at your fingertips. Do the right thing. Register your Airtel SIM card in the comfort of your home and also update your SIM card to avoid being locked out of the “smart network” within a few months. Don’t be left out.

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