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Social Health Insurance Bill 2023 – All you need to Know

The Social Health Insurance Bill creates a system for managing health insurance coverage for all citizens. This bill sets up a Social Health Authority to oversee the social health insurance program. This bill aims to fulfill the right to health care that is guaranteed in Article 43(1)(a) of Kenya’s Constitution. The goal is to make sure all Kenyans can access and afford quality health services.

The signing of four revolutionary and progressive Universal Health Coverage bills completed on 19th October 2023,Thursday by President William Ruto. These are:

  1. Primary Health Care Act, 2023.
  2. The Digital Health Act, 2023.
  3. The Facility Improvement Financing Act, 2023.
  4. The Social Health Insurance Act, 2023.’the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023.

Kenya’s Social Health Insurance Bill 2023

The president of Kenya, William Ruto, recently announced a new health care plan for the country. The goal of this plan is to provide affordable, quality health services to all citizens, regardless of their economic status or location.

president william Ruto Signing the bills

In his speech, President Ruto acknowledged that the current health system does not adequately serve poor and marginalized communities. He wants the new plan to expand access to medical care so that everyone is covered.

Key Details of Social Health Insurance Bill

Some key details of the proposed health care plan are:

  • Government funding and infrastructure investment will be increased to improve public health facilities across the country. More health centers, medical equipment and trained staff are planned, including in rural areas.
  • Low-income households will receive subsidized national health insurance to help pay for care. The government will provide support so these families can enroll.
  • There will be an emphasis on disease prevention and primary care to catch issues early. Community-based health promotion initiatives will also be strengthened.
  • Partnerships with private sector health providers will aim to improve efficiency and infrastructure. But the focus will be on affordable care for all.

New Health Insurance Bill in Kenya

Kenya’s government has suggested a Social Health Insurance Bill to improve access and affordability of healthcare for citizens.This bill wants to create a health system where every Kenyan can get quality medical services without struggling to pay high costs.

The bill would set up a Social Health Authority to oversee social health insurance across the country. This authority would help implement Universal Health Coverage so that all people would have access to comprehensive health services.

The bill also wants to start a Primary Health Care Fund to pay for basic health services. This fund would get money from different sources – government budget, employer and employee contributions, donations, etc. The goal is that all Kenyans would be required to register for social health insurance supported by this fund.

With this insurance, Kenyans could get coverage for things like doctor visits, hospital stays, maternity care, emergency treatment, and more. The Social Health Authority would manage which health providers and facilities people can visit using their insurance.

Overall, the Social Health Insurance Bill aims to make sure every Kenyan can afford and access health care when they need it. The bill tries to set up a framework to provide comprehensive, quality medical services to all citizens, especially the poor and vulnerable. By making health care more available and affordable, the bill seeks to fulfill the health rights guaranteed to all Kenyans.

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Kenya’s Social Health Insurance Bill 2023 – FAQs

What is the Social Health Insurance Bill, 2023?

The Social Health Insurance Bill, 2023 is a proposed law in Kenya that aims to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone.

What is the Primary Healthcare Fund?

The Primary Healthcare Fund is a fund proposed under the Social Health Insurance Bill, 2023 that will be used to finance primary healthcare services.

Who will finance the Primary Healthcare Fund?

The Primary Healthcare Fund will be financed by various sources, including contributions from employers and employees, government funding, and donations.

What benefits are covered under the Social Health Insurance Fund?

The Social Health Insurance Fund is a proposed fund under the Social Health Insurance Bill, 2023 that will provide coverage for a range of healthcare services. The Social Health Insurance Fund will cover a range of healthcare services, including inpatient and outpatient care, maternity care, and emergency services.

How will Kenyans access healthcare services under the Social Health Insurance Fund?

Kenyans will need to visit healthcare providers that have been empanelled by the Social Health Authority to access healthcare services under the Social Health Insurance Fund.

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