Home DNA Test Kit Kenya Price & Facts

On Monday, January 9, former Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga tweeted that Kenya has approved home DNA paternity testing kits.

Price of Home DNA Test Kit in Kenya

After this tweet, Kenyans started discussing the home DNA test kit on social media. While some Kenyans believe the kit may identify the father, one of the top pathologists in the country refuted the claims. He stated the equipment, marketed in pharmacies and supermarkets for Sh700–Sh800, is merely a sample collection (swab) kit. He added that the sample must be mailed or delivered to the lab for an Sh15,000 DNA test.

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Most Kenyans don’t know that over-the-counter kits gather DNA samples, and licenced labs process the results. Kenyan paternity findings take three to ten working days.

Home DNA Test Kit Kenya

A home DNA kit is a kit that can be bought and used at home to get a sample of a person’s DNA, usually through a sample of saliva or a cheek swab. The sample is then sent to a lab for analysis. The genetic information found can be used for many things, like determining ancestry or determining possible health risks.

People can learn a lot about their genetics with the help of home DNA test kits. Some of the main things you can do with these kits are:

Ancestry testing: People can use home DNA test kits to learn about their ancestry and ethnic background. People can use this information to find relatives they may have never met or to trace their family tree back several generations.

Health and wellness: Some home DNA test kits tell you if you are more likely to get certain diseases or traits because of your genes. This information can be used to change your lifestyle or help you decide what kind of medical care to get.

Genealogy research: They can help genealogists learn more about their family history and ancestors by giving information about relatives whose DNA matches their own.

Personal curiosity: Many buy home DNA test kits because they are curious about their own genes.

It’s important to remember that the results of home DNA test kits should be interpreted carefully, and the possible consequences should be discussed with a medical professional before any action is taken based on the results.

Actual Price of DNA Test in Kenya

I am sure you must have now understood that the DNA test kit discussed on Social media is sample collection equipment. After the collection, the sample shall be sent to an authorized laboratory, where additional charges shall be paid.

So the actual price of a DNA test in Kenya is around Ksh 15800 (800 for a home test kit and 15000 for lab testing)

What is a home DNA test kit?

A home DNA test kit makes genetic identification easy. This gadget lets anyone view their genetic data at home. Recent developments have made this testing easier.
These kits simplify self-testing by letting consumers collect saliva or skin cells at home and send them for analysis with a few clicks. After receiving the materials, lab technicians will examine them using sophisticated software and send the results electronically.
Results may include family ancestry and health risks from inherited features or illnesses. Home DNA test kits make understanding one’s genetic makeup more accessible.

What is the price of a home DNA test kit in Kenya?

The price of the Kit is around Ksh 800.

What is the pricing of a DNA test?

The lab testing costs around Ksh 15,000. The home kit can only collect samples that need to be sent to the lab. So, the final price comes up to Ksh 15,800.
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