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How to Check CRB Status Online & Get Free Report

Check your CRB Status online before applying for a new loan. This helps you to understand the chances of approval.

A CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) is a corporation that collects information on loans provided by lending institutions and generates credit reports on a borrower’s current and former loans.

In order to ensure that given loans will be repaid timely, lending institutions refer to the Credit history of the applicant through CRB. If your CRB status is positive, you shall not face any issues in loan approval. However, if your credit history is not good, your CRB status will reveal that and lenders might not issue you loans. In the worst scenario, you could be on the CRB blacklist which means you will never get a loan again.

If you are planning to Apply for a new loan, make sure you are aware of your CRB Status. One can easily check CRB status online. Kindly continue reading to find the exact details.

How to Check CRB Status Online in Kenya

You may check the status in any of these three ways:

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Checking CRB Status through Metropol

As you know, Metropol is one of the authorized CRBs. The company offers an online service to find your CRB details through the CRB reports. You may visit their website or use the mobile app.

Metropol CRB Status Checker on Website

  • You need to sign in to the CRYSTOBOL page
  • Enter your mobile number and reference number to complete the login process
  • Once logged in, Download your free credit report which contains your CRB status

If you don’t know how to register for Metropol Crystobol, follow these steps:

  • On your registered Safaricom line, Dial *433#
  • Now enter your National ID
  • If you are referred by a Metropol agent, provide their ID if not simply enter 0 and proceed
  • Now, confirm your details
  • On the next page, you need to Pay Ksh 100. To do so, Go to the M-Pesa menu, Select payment services (Lipa na Mpesa), and Enter paybill number 220388 and your ID number as the account number. Specify the amount as 100, enter your mpin and complete the transaction
  • After doing this successfully, you shall receive an SMS confirming your registration. This SMS contains a reference number which will be used to login into their website and download your Credit report.
  • Head to the Metropol CRB Checker page and log in.

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Checking CRB Status on Mobile App

  • Now, you can enjoy various services like Credit Report, CRB Certificate, find who listed you in the blacklist and your listing status on your phone

Note: You will find these services on the Metropol Crystobol webpage too.

Credit Info CRB Status Check

To get your CRB Status details from Credit Info, follow these steps:

  • Head to the Credit report page –
  • Click on”Personal Credit Report Application”
  • Now, you will be redirected to the online application page where you need to provide these details:
  • Full name, National ID number, Phone number, Email, Upload ID Photo and specify application purpose
  • Then you need to pay a small verification fee before you could get your Credit report

This Credit Info Credit report contains your Current CRB Status details.

Transunion CRB Status Check 2023

A service named TransUnion Nipashe provides reliable and up-to-date details regarding credit standing in real-time.

Use Transunion SMS Facility to Check CRB Status

  • Text your name to 21272
  • Then, register yourself by paying a one-time payment of KES 50 to Paybill 212121
  • Request your Credit Status

Check for CRB Status on Transunion Website

  • Head to the Official webpage –
  • Click on the button that says “Get your Credit”
  • Register yourself on the website by providing your Name, ID number, Mobile Number, Email etc
  • After the successful registration process, the Login
  • Now get your CRB status information

Download the App get to CRB Report

  • Download Transunion Nipashe App
  • Once Installed, open up the app and Sign up
  • After successful user registration, login into the app
  • Now get your Credit report which contains your CRB Status

With this information, a CRB can determine each borrower’s repayment pattern. Lenders will request your credit report from CRB and use the facts about your repayment history to assess whether or not to grant you a loan.

USSD Code to Check CRB Status on Phone

You can check the CRB status in a few minutes on your phone using a USSD code. Although this process is not free, it is very convenient. It costs you 100. Follow these steps :

  • Dial *433#
  • Enter your ID number
  • Enter Agent Code 222000
  • Confirm Details
  • Make a payment of Ksh 100 on paybill number 220388
  • In the Account Number section, key in your ID Number


MetropolOfficial Website || Mobile App
TransunionOfficial Website || Download Mobile App
Credit InfoWebsite
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What is a CRB?

A CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) is a company that collects data on loans made by lending institutions and provides credit reports on a borrower’s current and previous debts.

How many CRBs are in Kenya

In Kenya, there are three CRBs 1) Metropol CRB 2)CreditInfo CRB 3)Transunion Kenya CRB

Why CRB Status matters?

Every citizen with a Credit history from financial lenders attracts a status depending on the repayment timings and frequency. Depending on that CRB Status is updated for every borrower by the respective CRB agency. Having a good CRB gains a good reputation and vice versa.
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