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Super Metro: Who Owns It?

Super Metro is the most trusted Sacco in Kenya. It has faithful clients such that they still queue even during the rainy season. One thing the Sacco really worked hard for was customer service. They ensure that their clients are satisfied and arrive on time.

For instance, there are Super Metro buses that use the expressway from Nairobi to Kitengela just to save time and arrive on time (within 30 minutes). In contrast, other matatu Sacco’s take almost two hours from Nairobi to Kitengela with most of them fighting with clients and carrying excess passengers.

This article explains the history of Supermetro, the routes, work conduct, and everything you need to know about the Sacco.

Super Metro Owner

So, who is the Super Metro owner? Nelson Mwangi is the chairman of the Sacco. He and the other 13 directors started the Sacco around 10 years ago.

Supermetro was born in 2013 after breaking away from Metro Trans. The Sacco started with 14 investors and grew to over 400 investors in 2024.

Requirements to work at Super Metro

The Sacco works on punctuality and military-grade discipline. An indiscipline case such as careless driving, loud music, and others can get you dismissed from the Sacco.

If you’re planning to work with Supermetro, the doors are always open.

Some of the requirements for drivers:

  1. A National ID
  2. Valid driving license and PSV
  3. A valid PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  4. NHIF and NSSF
  5. Academic certificates
  6. Referral letter from previous employer
  7. Colored passport photos (3 copies)
  8. Any relevant document

Requirements for conductors:

  1. A National ID
  2. A valid PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  3. NHIF and NSSF
  4. Academic certificates
  5. Referral letter from previous employer
  6. Colored passport photos (2 copies)
  7. Any relevant document

Popular routes

Super Metro operates between Nairobi and its environs. It competes with the best of the best in that route. Whenever the Sacco announces they’re planning to join a new route, the Matatus in that route starts organizing demos because of the tough competition from the Supermetro Sacco.

Super Metro owner

Some of the popular routes include:

  1. Nairobi – Kahawa
  2. Nairobi – Makongeni
  3. Nairobi – Ngong
  4. Nairobi – Kamulu
  5. Nairobi – Kitengela
  6. Nairobi – Kikuyu
  7. Nairobi – Juja
  8. Nairobi – Kakamega
  9. Nairobi – Kampala

On the long-distance route of Nairobi – Kakamega – Kampala, Super Metro uses the Scania buses that are strong, comfortable, and powerful to endure long distances.

In Nairobi and its environs routes, the Sacco uses Isuzu NQR buses that are light and carry 33 passengers for short distances.


Super Metro continues to conquer new routes due to its punctuality and high discipline. If you want to work with the Sacco either as an investor, driver, or conductor, the doors are always open.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to join Super Metro Sacco?

You will need around Ksh 800,000 to Ksh 1 million to join the Sacco under loan terms. If you have cash, you only need Ksh 6 million to purchase a Chassis and body works for the bus.

Is Super Metro a Sacco or a company?

Supermetro is a Sacco based in Nairobi that operates Bus routes inside and outside Nairobi.

Who is the owner of Super Metro?

Nelson Mwangi along with other 13 directors co-founded the Sacco in 2013.

How do I contact Super Metro Sacco?

Use 0726 174 961 to contact Supermetro Sacco

How much does it cost to register a Matatu Sacco?

You will need around Ksh 300,000 to register a Matatu Sacco in Kenya.

How much does a conductor earn in Kenya?

Conductors earn anywhere between Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 1,500 a day in Kenya. Most conductors are paid on a daily basis as opposed to monthly.

When did Supermetro start?

Supermetro started its operations in 2013 with only a few Matatu fleets.

How do you become a super metro conductor?

You will need a National ID, good conduct, academic certificates, a referral letter, NSSF, and NHIF.

How to get a job at Supermetro?

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