Uhr.kenya.go.ke Payslip Online

Uhr.kenya.go.ke Payslip Online, Download Now

You can now access uhr.Kenya.go.ke payslip online thanks to the evolving technology. The UHR (Unified Human Resource) system is meant to boost accountability in the public sector. The system includes payroll information and human resources data.

UHR works with a UPN allocation system where any employee working in the public service is assigned a unique identification number which they can use to download and print their payslips among many other services.

The system fosters accountability and transparency in the public service. President Ruto is determined to have a working public service that serves the public.

In this article we have shared the UHR system, and how to access it to download and print payslips online.

Download uhr.kenya.go.ke payslip online

Getting your payslips online from UHR Kenya is easier and faster. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open a new tab on Google
  2. Type the UHR Kenya portal
  3. Enter your User ID (Your UPN number)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click log in
  6. Proceed to the services to access your payslip
  7. View your payslip or download it to print.
Uhr.kenya.go.ke Payslip Online

If you have forgotten your password, follow the steps below:

  1. Click forgot password
  2. You will be redirected to the GHRIS website
  3. Click on “Government of Kenya employees”
  4. Click forgot your password to fill in the reset password form
  5. Enter your Personal number
  6. Enter your National ID next
  7. Enter your KRA pin
  8. Enter your full name starting with your surname
  9. Enter the date of birth and gender
  10. Enter the first date of appointment into the public sector
  11. Choose the terms of service
  12. Enter mobile number
  13. Enter email address
  14. Create a new password
  15. Confirm your password
  16. Click submit

Departments served by UHR Kenya

  1. Ministries
  2. State departments
  3. Uniformed services
  4. State corporations
  5. SAGAs (Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies)
  6. Counties
  7. Constitutional Commissions
  8. Independent Offices
  9. Third-Party Organizations (SACCOS, Banks, etc)

Benefits of UHR system

Before the UHR system was introduced, public servants used to have a hard time accessing their pay slips. They used to spend the whole day queuing just to get a pay slip receipt. The manual administrative job was tiresome especially for human resources during the end month.

Thanks to technology systems have evolved and made the work of the HR department easier and flexible. On the other hand, the system has also saved the public servants from the time wasted queuing to get their pay slips.

The top benefits of the UHR system include:

  1. Saves Time – Public servants can now access their pay slips at any time of the day. It saved them from visiting government offices just to get a payslip or a P9 form. On the other hand, the Human resource department has been saved from the tedious paperwork and endless requests from employees about salaries and advance payments.
  2. Addressed Ghost Workers – one of the reasons the government came up with the UHR system was to cut ghost workers. At one time, the situation was so bad that people who had died and retired were earning salaries. The system deletes the names of employees who have retired or died, therefore promoting responsible governance.
  3. It Addressed Double-Dipping – sometimes back, we saw a public servant who held over five public service offices. The UHR system is designed in a way such that such employees can’t be registered twice and earn salaries from different government departments.
  4. Prevent Inaccurate Compensation – Before UHR was introduced, some public servants used to get compensation depending on who they knew and not on merit. Such practices led to low morale and decreased productivity among workers. The system came to address such issues and ensure compensation is done equally and on merit.

As technology continues to evolve, the UHR system will continue to advance and therefore improve service delivery in the public sector.


Today, with a touch of a button, you can access uhr.kenya.go.ke pay slip online in less than ten minutes.

The UHR system was a game changer in the Human resource department. It cut out ghost workers, double dipping, and inaccurate compensation and saved time that was wasted trying to access pay slips.


If you have any problems signing in, registering an account, or downloading a payslip, contact the following numbers:

  1. Tel: 020-2227411
  2. Email: ghrishelp@psyg.go.ke
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