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How to Add NHIF Dependents Online & Offline, Pay Monthly Cover

Forget about wealth, big houses, and posh cars. Your health is your biggest asset. To ensure that you are all set, the health of your dependents should also be included in your medical cover. Insurance health covers are pretty expensive and sometimes overpriced. That’s where NHIF cover comes in.

NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) cover is fully run by the government of Kenya; it’s cheap (only Ksh 500 for self-employed people) and reliable. This article will show you how to add your dependents to your NHIF cover. Let’s get started.

To add your dependents to the NHIF scheme, you should first have the following documents.

  • Your National ID card
  • Your spouse’s ID card
  • Marriage certificate (if available) Else comes with a sworn marriage affidavit.
  • Birth certificates for children
  • Notification for children below 6 months old
  • Recent passport photos

Once you have these documents, note that there are two ways to add your dependents.

  1. Online through the NHIF portal
  2. Offline through NHIF branches and Huduma Centres

How to Add NHIF Dependents Online

  • Open the NHIF website portal (use chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Proceed to NHIF registration
  • Locate the radio button at the top right
  • Select self-employed
nhif self employed
  • Once the form opens
  • Enter identification type
sign up
  • Enter identification number
  • Your first name
  • Your other names
  • Enter the date of birth (Year/Month/Day Format)
  • Select your gender
  • Enter marital status
  • Enter the postal address (followed by postal code)
  • Enter town and email
  • Enter mobile number
  • Enter county of residence
  • Enter the nearest NHIF branch office (this is where you will collect your NHIF card)
  • Attach your identification document (jpg, jpeg, or Pdf)
  • Attach your passport photo (jpeg format only)
  • Click to confirm
  • You will receive a prompt that your submission is successful
  • Your NHIF number will also be displayed together with the payment method (M-PESA pay bill)
  • You will then be asked whether to add other dependents (click yes or No)
  • Click Yes.
  • Proceed to fill in the names and date of birth of your dependents
  • For P.OBox, email address, and phone numbers, use your personal information
  • Upload the birth certificates or birth notification
  • Upload their passport photos
  • submit
  • The NHIF numbers for your dependents will be displayed

NOTE: You can only add your dependents online when it’s your first time registering. If you are already registered, Visit the nearest NHIF branch or Huduma centre.


How to Check NHIF Status 

NHIF Updates

Adding Dependents Offline

To add your dependents offline, visit your nearest NHIF branch or Huduma centre. Don’t forget to carry the necessary documents.

  • Request the form from NHIF clerks in the facility
  • Fill the form correctly
  • Attach the copies of the necessary documents
  • For children, attach:
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Birth notification for children aged 6 months and below
  3. Passport photos
  • For your spouse, attach:
  1. National ID card
  2. Marriage certificate, or
  3. Sworn in marriage affidavit
  • Submit the form to the clerks for processing
  • Your information will be updated, and you can confirm online.

If you successfully add your dependents to your NHIF cover, they will be entitled to:

  1. Inpatient service cover
  2. Outpatient service cover
  3. Civil Servants schemes cover
  4. Linda Mama service cover
  5. NHIF Supa cover

How to pay for an NHIF monthly cover

To pay for NHIF through M-PESA, follow the following simple steps

  1. Launch M-PESA
  2. Go to “pay bill.”
  3. Enter the business number (200222 for NHIF)
  4. Enter your account number (your ID number)
  5. Enter amount (monthly is Ksh 500 for self-employed people)
  6. Enter M-PESA pin
  7. You will receive an SMS confirming your NHIF payments.

Since your body has no spare parts, take the initiative now. Add all your dependents to your NHIF cover. One amazing feature about the cover is that you won’t be charged more because you’ve added extra beneficiaries. See how amazing it is.

Tell us how NHIF cover has changed your life and that of your loved ones.


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