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Check Safaricom Numbers Registered With Your ID & Report Unknowns

Have you been wondering what Safaricom numbers are registered using your ID card? Have you checked yet? Perhaps you might be shocked to find out that someone is using your ID details to commit financial crimes, and do you know who will be held responsible? It is none other than you.

Actually, you don’t have to give someone your ID card for them to register a new SIM card. All they need is your ID number and the date of your birth. Once they have these two details, be prepared because you will be in for a greater shock.

Identity theft has been on the rise in Kenya, and Safaricom has stepped in to protect the data of its subscribers. Some people might argue that it’s all business as usual, but Safaricom did this out of a personal touch; many people have lost finances, lives, and freedom.

Nevertheless, identity crimes have been on the lower side since Safaricom launched the service to check your numbers linked to your ID card. In addition, this article will show you some of the ways you can check Safaricom numbers registered with your ID. Let’s get started.

Finding Safaricom numbers registered with your ID

Follow these steps to check :

  • Take your phone.
  • Dial *106#
ussd code
  • Press 1 to check the registration status.
  • You will be notified to wait as your request is processed.
registration status
  • You will receive a message from Safaricom with the number registered using your ID.
details of registered numbers

Report unknown number linked to your ID

  • Dial *106#
  • Select 2(this reports unknown numbers).
  • Select the number you’re not conversant with registered with your ID.
  • That’s all; you’re now safe and set.

Use the MySafaricom app to check the Number(s) linked with your ID

  • Launch the Mysafaricom app on your phone.
  • Click on Check Your Sim Card Registration Details.
  • Enter your phone number
  • You will receive a prompt of the numbers registered with your ID and are compliant.
report unknown numbers
  • If you receive a number that you are unaware of registered with your ID, report it to Safaricom for further action.


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Safaricom equally relies on its subscribers to modify and advance their technology. This is solely done to give subscribers efficient services and block fraudsters from accessing customers’ private data.

Any time you receive calls from unknown numbers requesting your personal details, report them directly to Safaricom so that their numbers and SIM cards can be blacklisted. Many people will not fall prey to fraudsters if you report such suspicious numbers.

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