hustlers fund terms and conditions

Hustler Fund Terms and Conditions

Simply agreeing to the terms and conditions of Hustler fund while applying is not enough, every applicant must have an idea of what is included in the terms and conditions.

This article covers the Key Terms & Conditions of Hustlers fund for the subscribers of Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel.

Terms and Conditions of Hustler Fund

TopicUnderstanding the Terms and Conditions
Applicable forInterested Applicants of Safaricom, Airtel & Telkom
MotiveTo clarify all aspects of Hustlers Fund Program

Eligibility Rules

hustlers fund terms and conditions
  • The applicant must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Age of the applicant should be at least 18 years
  • Every Applicant shall be eligible to borrow between KES 500 to KES 50,000 depending on the credit score
  • Applicant should have a SIM card registered and mobile money account
  • The applicant must have used the SIM for at least 3 months

Let’s dive into the Terms and conditions of the Hustler fund.

Accessing Hustler Fund

Subscribers need to dial *254# from their registered mobile number. [READ – How to Apply from Phone]

Safaricom subscribers can also apply from Mini App.

Loan Amount Disbursal

  • The term of the loan is 14 Days. Interest is charged at the rate of 8% per annum.
  • The interest will occur daily until the payment in full within 14 days
  • After approval loan amount is transferred to digital wallets (M-Pesa, T-Kash, Airtel-Money)
  • it is to be noted that the 5% of the loan amount will be towards Savings Deduction
  • 30% of the Savings deduction will be mapped to savings account of the applicant
  • 70% of the Savings deduction will go towards the Pension account
  • The Personal loan product offers additional benefit to the subscribers. For every 2 KES, the government contributes KES 1 up to maximum contribution of KES 6000 per annum

Loan Repayment Rules

  • As you know, for the first 14 days, the interest rate shall be calculated at the rate of 8% per annum.
  • In case of non-payment within 14 days, from the 15th day, the interest rate will be calculated at the rate of 9.5 % per annum
  • If the customer fails to repay within 30 days, the customer will lose the ability to borrow more funds. As soon as the old credit is repaid, the customer becomes eligible to access more funds
  • Until the full repayment, the bank retains 30% of the Savings deductions (short-term savings). As soon as the repayment is done, this amount is released by the bank


Every beneficiary can access the transaction statements in the respective mobile apps or web portals of the providers. i.e. Safaricom’s M-Pesa app or website, Telkom’s T-Kash app & Airtel’s Airtel Money mobile app.

All transaction information shall be given to the subscribers via SMS on the registered number

Termination of Hustler Fund Benefits

In certain cases, all benefits offered to the applicants under hustler’s fund can be immediately withdrawn and access can be permanently terminated. These scenarios are:

  • If you use the allotted funds for unauthorized purposes
  • If your mobile money account (M-pesa, T-kash, Airtel Money) becomes inactive
  • If the participating bank gets an order from the government or court to take action on any account

In case of any problems, the subscribers can use the Hustler Fund Contacts.

Download Terms and Conditions PDF

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Are there different terms and conditions for all operators?

The terms and conditions content is essentially same for Safaricom, Telkom & Airtel. There are some minor changes which are self explanatory.

Is there any other way to apply except the USSD Code?

Safaricom customers can access the hustler fund mini app within the M-pesa app.
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