Internship Opportunities 2024

Internship Openings in Kenya 2024: Launch Your Career

If you are a student, internship opportunities 2024 just got better. Numerous internship opportunities are waiting for you to apply.

From international organizations like the UN (United Nations) to local companies like Safaricom and Government agencies, internship opportunities have opened up for Kenyans at respective colleges and universities.

An internship is simply learning and working at the same time (working part-time). The experience from internships allows you to build your career.

In this article, we have shared different internships available for Kenyan students in 2024

Internship Opportunities 2024 for Kenyans

The following are some of the available internships for Kenyans in 2024

  1. UNICEF internships. You will have to visit their website and build a compelling profile for the internship. The interns receive a stipend of $1000 every month
  2. Safaricom internship – The Programme is divided into two categories. 3-month and 6-month internships. The 6-month internship is for students who have cleared school and waiting for graduation. The intakes will be held in April and October 2024. Fill out the online form to book your internship slot
  3. Fund for Peace 2024 internship – The internship closing date is 15 March 2024. The organization has full-time and remote internships. Part-time interns earn a stipend of $350 per month while full-time interns earn a stipend of $700 per month
  4. KEMRI (Kenya Medical Research Institute). The internship runs for 12 months with a monthly stipend of Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 25,000. The application should be delivered to the deputy director physically or using the postal office box 1578 – 40100
Internship Opportunities 2024

Other companies offering internship opportunities include:

  • Standard Chartered Bank which has more than five departments looking for interns right now
  • Mastercard internships which are flexible and well-paying
  • UN-Habitat
  • Nova Pioneer in Tatu City
  • Norwegian Embassy
  • Kengen
  • KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) internships for 3rd and 4th year students
  • Absa Bank

Requirements for internship

When applying for internships there are several requirements you will have to meet. They include:

  • A well-written resume
  • Cover letter
  • School certificates and transcripts
  • Passport photos
  • National ID
  • Any other document required

Simply put, applying for an internship is like applying for a normal job, ensure you include everything you will need when applying for a regular job.

Benefits of Internships

  1. Apart from stipends from the job done, there are other valuable benefits that learners gain from internships. They include:
  2. Exploring a new path- internships allow you to explore new paths of a career you’ve never experienced. You get a chance to feel your career in practice.
  3. You gain social skills through interacting with clients or work colleagues during your internships
  4. Internships equip you with new knowledge and experience you did not have. For instance, medical students are able to diagnose and operate on an actual patient, something they wouldn’t do in a classroom
  5. You strengthen your resume for future job applications. You get an upper edge when applying for jobs since you have hands-on experience with the job.
  6. You also discover new interests that you never knew about. Some people tend to change their careers after internships. The reason is either they discovered new passions or didn’t actually do the job they studied. It’s a win-win situation since you don’t waste your time on a career you don’t like.


For the learners still in colleges and universities, internship opportunities 2024 just got better. We have multinational companies looking for fresh talents to nurture. If you feel you’re ready for the market, apply for the internships as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Unicef pay its interns?

Yes, interns at UNICEF receive stipends every month for expenses and transportation

What age is best for an internship?

Any age is good for an internship. Gaining experience has no age limit

How much does World Vision Kenya pay interns?

World Vision Kenya pays its interns around Ksh 300,000 per year

How much do WFP interns get paid in Kenya?

World Food Programme (WFP) pays its interns $1000 per month.

How much is the NSSF Internship stipend?

NSSF internship stipend ranges from Ksh 150,000 to 300,000 per year depending on the department.

Does UNDP pay interns?

Yes, UNDP pays interns depending on the duty station

Do interns always work for free?

Not always, most companies and institutions pay their interns but there are a few who take advantage of interns to get free service.

How long is an internship?

In Kenya, internships range from eight to ten weeks

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