bonga points expiry FAQs

Bonga Points Expiry – All you need to Know

You can no more store Bonga Points forever, They now have an expiry date

Recent news regarding Safaricom Bonga points expiry has fastened the heartbeats of hefty Bonga points holders.

Safaricom has recently announced that from January 2023, the Bonga points expiry will start. This is actually a Shock for those who have a huge number of Bonga points with them and haven’t redeemed them.

This is a move by Safaricom to make sure the points are redeemed from time to time. So, the Bonga points expiry system will force all Bonga points holders to redeem them before they expire.

The loyalty programme has been in existence for more than fifteen years. It permits clients to accumulate Bonga Points. One Bonga Point is equal to ten Kenyan Shillings on the Safaricom network.

Safaricom Bonga Points to Expire

The news regarding expiration of Bonga points is based on leaked FAQ template which Safaricom hasn’t denied. Take a look

bonga points expiry 2023

Now, there are individuals who possess a significant number of Bonga units but do not use them in any way. However, this is detrimental to Safaricom because the points must be redeemed before they have any monetary worth. However, these individuals do not redeem them, and Safaricom intends to force them to do so.

As per stats, the value of Idle Bonga Points has increased from to 3 Billion Ksh to 4.5 Billion Ksh in the last 7 years. This has bothered Safaricom and that’s why the company decided to introduce Bonga points expiration system.

Bonga Points Expiration Date

Bonga points now have a three-year expiration date.

For example – If you earned Any Bonga Points before December 31, 2019, they will expire on January 1, 2023.

Safaricom Subscribers must understand that the expired Bonga Points cannot be reactivated, nor can their expiration dates be extended. So, redeeming them is the best option.

Redeem Bonga Points Now

How to Check Bonga Points Expiry Details

If you are interested to find out how many Bonga points have expired, how many are about to expire, this is going to be simple.

Yes, very soon you will be able to check details on Safaricom Bonga points expiry. You need to simply follow these steps:

  • Dial *126#
  • You shall see details on Points i.e. Earned bonga points, soon to expire bonga points and already expired bonga points

Bonga Points can be redeemed at a variety of businesses, including Supermarkets and Safaricom Shops, where clients can purchase items they may desire. If you are this individual, you may pick this path. You can also redeem them for data, SMS, or voice, and in some situations, consumers can use them to pay their postpaid bills.\


As stated, this expiration period will begin in 2023. Bonga points that are older than three years, as of December 2019, will expire and become unredeemable.

After three years, collected Bonga points will expire. We have seen that they are mostly idle, making them a liability if unclaimed,” Safaricom stated. This move will stimulate redemption and liberate Sh4.5 billion in underlying revenue as of March.


Are all of my Bonga points are going to expire?

No, your Bonga points will not expire immediately. It depends on for how long you have them.

What is the expiry date of Bonga points?

From now onwards, Bonga points will expire after 3 years. Bonga points accumulated before December 31, 2019 will expire on January 1, 2023.

Why did Safaricom had to introduce the Bonga points expiration system?

Safaricom has to set Bonga points to expire due to users’ lack of usage. As per a report idle points worth KSh4.5 billion were sitting idle. The company wants the subscribers to redeem their Bonga points as quickly as possible to prevent incurring losses on the expiration date.

What are the benefits of Bonga points?

The Bonga points are redeemable for free airtime, free internet, and bill payment. More and more companies are allowing use of bonga points with time.

How are Bonga Points earned?

Typically, subscribers earn one Bonga point for each Sh10 spent on the Safaricom network for voice, mobile data, and SMS, and for each Sh100 spent on the network for M-Pesa transactions.
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