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TSC Registration Status “Reset” – What Does It Mean and the reason behind it

It’s time to check your TSC registration status. As you stroke your keyboard, navigating through the TSC website, your palms are sweaty. You key in your ID number and press enter. What you see doesn’t excite you.

“Your application has been reset,” That’s the display that meets your eyes. Your hopes of becoming a teacher are slightly fading away. All your dreams have been drained by an error you made during your application.

Don’t fret. Correcting this error is a nature walk, easy peasy. This article will take you through the process of fixing the reset error. Let’s dive in.

First, the application takes 30 days, which means you’ve been patiently praying for one month. If you look closely, you’ll notice the error highlights the main problem that reset the application (e.g., the KCPE certificate was not clear).

TSC requirements to apply as a teacher

The TSC requires you to have the following documents before you can apply for a TSC number:

  1. Academic or professional certificates(KCPE, KCSE, Diploma, Degree)
  2. National identity card
  3. Bank slip
  4. Passport size photo
  5. KRA pin
  6. GP69 form
  7. Police clearance certificate (good conduct)
  8. Entry/Work permits (for non-Kenyans)

Note that all the scanned documents should be originals, not photocopies.

Why your TSC Application was Reset

When your application is reset, it simply means it’s editable. All you need to do is log back in, upload the document that had an error, and then submit it. Here are some reasons why your application could be reset:

  • Names mismatch (when your names differ on different certificates, you need to get an affidavit)
  • Wrong documents (e.g., uploading a degree instead of a KCSE certificate)
  • Not clearly scanned documents
  • Failure to upload payment receipts
  • Fake academic certificates

So, what about payments? You don’t pay again. You just edit the error that made your application reset and then submit.

How To Correct A “Reset” Application Error.

tsc registration status check
  • Click next
  • Your previous details will be displayed.
check application
  • Remember that you already know the error that made your application reset.
  • Go straight to the error and correct it (if it’s a certificate, scan it again in a higher DPI. If it’s an error in names, correct the error)
  • Finally, go through your application carefully (you can tell someone to proofread it for you).
  • Afterwards, submit your application.
  • As simple as that.

As a teacher, your registration can be denied because of:

  1. Lack of relevant academic documents
  2. Bad moral character (e.g., sexual offender or previous record of learner abuse)
  3. Criminal activities (e.g., a former convicted criminal)
  4. Engaging in peace-threatening activities
  5. Physical or mental incapacitated; hence you can’t teach learners.

On the other hand, you can be deregistered as a teacher if you:

  • Die
  • Obtained your registration fraudulently.
  • Convicted of committing an offence against a learner.
  • Convicted of a crime.
  • Are ousted due to indiscipline.

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However, “application is reset” is worlds apart from deregistration and denial of registration.

Now that your fears have been debugged, all I need is a small favor from you. Share this piece of priceless article with fellow teachers and professionals.

Diamonds are precious stones. Teachers are priceless diamonds. As the great Albert Einstein put it, “It’s the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” It’s an honour to serve our teachers.

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