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Know your Polling Station in Kenya – Find Voting Center Details

As the Presidential elections are approaching, voters are all geared up. Finding the polling station location is one of the most important information for the Voters. This article helps you to know your polling station.

How do you check your polling station in Kenya? So, here is the million-dollar question: Do you go to every polling station to confirm whether your name is on the register? It’s not practical because people would have voted by the time you’re done checking your name.

So, how do you check your polling center? You do it online. That’s it, nothing else. The (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) IEBC systems are very efficient. To make it more interesting, their website is also in top-notch condition.

Check your Polling Station Online

It’s less than a month before the Kenyan general elections that will be held on 8th August 2022. How prepared are you? Do you know where you will cast your vote? I will happily guide you on how to find your polling Centre.

This article will show you how to check your polling booth quickly and the process involved. Let’s get started.

How to Know your Polling Station In Kenya

Before we even begin to check your polling station, we will have to check your voting particulars because they are essential when locating your polling Centre. Let’s see how you can check your voting particulars online:

  • Launch your Chrome browser (this is because it’s pretty stable).
  • Open the IEBC verification website.
  • Enter your ID or passport number on the left side. polling center
  • Enter your year of birth on the right side.
  • Verify that “you’re not a robot”.
  • Click on “Check Now”.
check polling center kenya

Your voter registration details will be displayed. They include:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your county name
  • Your constituency’s name
  • Your ward name
  • Your polling center name

The above-found voter registration details will be used to check for your polling station. Keep them close or screenshot the details.

Finding Your Polling Station Location Online

Make sure you have the voter registration details as displayed on the IEBC website. Please enter the details as they appear on the website (e.g., county, constituency, and ward). Follow the following procedure.

  • Proceed to the IEBC website.
  • Select your county.
  • Select your constituency.
  • Finally, select your ward.
  • Once you’re done, all the polling stations will be displayed. In addition, the name of the registration officer will also be displayed.

Now, check whether the polling station displayed on the IEBC verification website matches the one displayed. If they match, you’re ready and set, but if they don’t match, visit the nearest IEBC office as fast as possible to correct your information.

This is an essential procedure if you don’t want to be frustrated on election day. The IEBC is very clear that if your name is not available on the polling station database, then you can’t cast your vote at that particular center.


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About IEBC

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is mandated by an act of Parliament to conduct and supervise elections and referendums. IEBC performs functions such as:

  1. Registration of voters and revision of the voter register
  2. Demarcating constituencies and wards
  3. Regulating political parties
  4. Settling disputes related to elections
  5. Registering aspiring candidates for elections
  6. Voter education
  7. Observing, evaluating, and monitoring elections
  8. Controlling money spent on campaigns by candidates and political parties
  9. Developing a standard procedure for political parties and candidates

Please check out the IEBC constituency offices here.

In case you have pressing issues, don’t hesitate to contact IEBC through the following addresses:

Phone: (254) 020–2877000


You can also visit their offices at:

University Way,

Anniversary Towers,

6th Floor,


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