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IEBC Voter Registration Status 2022 – Check Online & Offline

How wonderful, you can check your voter registration details online. The (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) IEBC continues to make technological strides to make voting as efficient as possible. Your voter registration details should only be accessible by you and the IEBC only.

Kenya will hold its general election on the 8th of August 2022, that’s less than a month away. As a voter, you should exercise your right to vote. Overall, general elections in Kenya (are held after every five years). That’s a long period of time, and sometimes you might forget your registration details.

But what kind of details? Some of the details you might forget are your polling station and whether your name is available on the IEBC database. Also, if you changed your vote to another polling station, it would be wise if you checked your voter registration details.

Perhaps you might be wondering, how is it possible to check your voter registration details online? It’s quite simple. This article will show you how to do that through a detailed step-by-step guide. So let’s get started.

IEBC Voter Registration Status Online Check

  • Launch your preferred browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • Open the IEBC verification website.
  • Enter your ID or passport number on the left side. check status
  • Enter your year of birth on the right side (year of birth only, not day or month).
  • Verify you’re not a robot.
  • Click on check now.
IEBC Voter registration status
  • Your voter registration details will be displayed. They include:
  1. Your first name and surname
  2. Your county name
  3. Your constituency’s name
  4. Your ward name
  5. Your polling centre name

In case your details are not available, visit the nearest IEBC offices with your National ID card or passport. In addition, your details might be available but with errors (e.g., you registered in Nairobi, but your voter details appear in Mandera County).

Please note that it’s only the IEBC that can correct such data; don’t be hoodwinked by brokers into giving out your voter details. If your voter details can’t be traced, you have to vote in the next general elections because the IEBC has suspended the registration of new voters.


IEBC Voter Register 2022

Voter Verification Process

Checking IEBC Kenya Voter Registration Status Offline

Checking your voter registration details offline does not require a lot of technological know-how. All you need is a working phone, not necessarily a smartphone. Any phone will do.

To complete this process successfully, make sure you have minimum airtime of Ksh 30 on your sim card.

After recharging your airtime, follow the following procedure.

  • Open your messaging app
  • Compose a message.
  • Enter your ID/Passport number and year of birth (e.g., 1234567#1986)
  • Send the message to 70000
  • You will receive a message from IEBC with your voter registration details.

If you have successfully checked your registration details online, it’s time to share the article with your family and friends. Just like you, it’s also their democratic right to vote. Make sure they exercise their right and are not left behind.

IEBC has one of the strongest encryption systems. So, rest assured that your voter details are in safe hands. However, don’t give out your voter’s card or voter details to anyone. Be vigilant and alert because your details can be used to commit identity theft.


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