Safaricom Home Fibre Packages & Prices 2022

Are you planning to buy Safaricom home fibre? Or do you want to explore the safaricom home fibre packages or have questions related to home fibre package prices? This article covers everything related to this. We have even explained the process of Online payment for your Home Fibre connection. You can easily make the payments using USSD or using the safaricom home fibre paybill.

Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

Safaricom is undoubtedly the best home fibre internet provider in Kenya. Although there are competitors around, Safaricom leads due to its existing user base in cellular domain.

This article is dedicated to Safaricom Home Fibre. For those who haven’t got it yet, we have covered the process to apply online. We have explained all Safaricom home fibre packages list in greater detail. Also, you will come to know about the online payments. Let’s get started

Safaricom Home Fibre Packages & Prices 2022

Internet is the basic need these days. Without it, you will feel disconnected. As per a report released in November 2021, there were 61.41 million mobile cellular subscribers in Kenya. This number could have increased significantly in the past two years.

Without any doubt, cellular internet speed has improved significantly well in Kenya. The only problem with cellular internet is that it fluctuates too much. At one point you might be getting 10 MBPS and 50 meters apart it could come down to 1MBPS or so.

If you want stable internet speeds, home fibre is the solution, full stop! Safaricom is among the top providers of wireless & wired broadband connections in Kenya.

How to Apply for New Safaricom Home Fibre Connection

  • Head to the Official webpage –
  • Click on “Get connected”
  • You will taken to “Check Coverage” section
  • Select your town/area, Enter your Estate/Building name, Enter closest landmark & Finally enter the general area (Town or Street)
  • Hit the get connected button.
  • If the service is available at your area, a form will appear
How to Apply for new safaricom fibre connection
  • Enter your name, Phone number, Email Address, Connection type (For home or business), Package name, Addons. Then select the preferred call date and date

Note : Know about all Safaricom Home Fibre Packages HERE.

  • Hit the “Submit Request” Button

Check Home Fibre Connection Request Status

You can easily track your request. For this, simply go to the homepage

  • Click on the option, “Already made a request? Check Status”
check safaricom connection request status
  • This opens up a new section, where you are asked to enter your mobile number
  • Enter it in the given area and click on the “Check Status” button

Process of Safaricom Home Fibre Installation

After you submit a connection request online, a representative calls you as per your preferred timing. When your connection request is processed, the installation process

Safaricom Packages & Prices 2022

Plan Name






Ksh 2,999

Ksh 4,100

Ksh 6,299

Ksh 12,499

Bronze Home Fibre Package

The bronze package of Safaricom Home Fibre is priced as Ksh 2,999 per month. Here is an overview:


Maximum 8 MBPS Speed

Uninterruped SD (Standard Definition) Movie & Music Streaming

Seamless Internet Surfing experience


Multiple Device Streaming not possible

Below average HD (High Definition Video) Streaming experience

No Wifi CCTV Live acces Capability

Silver Package

The silver package is priced at Ksh 4,100 per month. Here are the key features of this plan:

Upto 20MBPS Speed

HD Streaming Capability

Seamless browsing experience

Superfast Downloads

CCTV device capability

Gold Package

The pricing of Gold package is Ksh 6,299 per month. Here are the key benefits:

4K Movies & TV Shows

Online gaming and downloading

Multiple device music streaming

CCTV devices Capability

Superfast Downloads

Diamond Package

The Safaricom Diamond package is priced at KSH 12,499 per month. Here are the key features of this plan:

Fastest Broadband Plan

Seamless 4K Movie & Show watching experience

Uninterruped Online Gaming

Seamless multiple device streaming

Extremely fast downloading

Fast CCTV devices access

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Safaricom Home Fiber Plus Packages List 2022 – Bundle Prices

Safaricom home plus plans are extension to Home Fiber plans. The Home Fibre plus packages offer Voice Minutes, Mobile Data & SMS.

Another benefit of Home fiber plus packages is that all plans offer 2GB free youtube bundle and free whatsapp access even after the plan is exhausted (Fully utilized)

These packages can be clubbed with Home Fiber plans.






Ksh. 1,000

5GB + 400Min + 1000SMS

30 Days


Ksh. 2,000

15GB + 1000Min + 2000SMS

30 Days


Ksh. 3,000

25GB + 1500Min + 3000SMS

30 Days


Ksh. 5,000

35GB + 2500Min + 5000SMS

30 Days

Safaricom Home Fibre Payment

The payment of your Safaricom home fibre can be easily completed online. In this section, you will know everything related to Safaricom home fibre connection payment.

Every consumer who is allocated an account number can make usage of the online payment facility.

There are two modes of online payment, they are:

  1. Using USSD Code
  2. Using Paybill Number

How to Make home fibre payment using USSD Code option

Subscribers can use the MPesa Paybill number 150501 and enter the Home Fibre account number in the relevant section. You can easily make the payment after that.

Safaricom Home Fibre Payment using Paybill Number

  • Dial *400# from your phone number
  • Now choose the option “Manage your subscriptions”
  • Enter your home fibre account number and pay via M-Pesa

Safaricom Home Fibre Contacts

There are situations when the subscriber faces problems and need to contact the customer care or other officials. In such situations, you may use the following contacts


Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100


200 (Free) Or +254 722 002200 (chargeable)

You may contact the online support team at:

If your issues are not resolved after repititive requests and you want to contact the higher authority, write an email with detailed explanation at [email protected]


Is Safaricom Home fibre good?

Safaricom home fibre is a good choice if you are looking for a reliable internet connection. Unlike mobile internet, the speed of home fibre doesn’t fluctuate. If you are a professional or love to watch Shows, movies online or play online games, you must get the home fibre connection.

What is home fibre plus?

Alongside home fibre, Safaricom has fibre plus plans which can be clubbed with existing home fibre plans. The Fibre plus offers Mobile Data, Voice Calls & Sms.

What is the starting price of Safaricom Home fibre packages?

The home fibre packages by Safaricom start from Ksh 2,999 onwards. You can club your home fibre with fibre plus packages for additional benefits.

What are additional benefits of Home fibre plus?

All home fibre plus plan users get 2GB Youtube bundle for free and unlimited whatsapp usage even after the plan exhausts.

We hope this article cleared all your doubts related to Safaricom home fibre.