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3 Methods to Check KPLC Token Balance – Do Try Balance Checker

Do you want to check the balance of your KPLC Token? This article explains three methods to do so. Let’s get started.

The new trends in technology have forced multi-lateral companies to embrace technology KPLC (Kenya Power and Lighting Company) is one of them. The 21st century has witnessed enormous changes in the field of technology.

KPLC has spent a lot of manpower and finances to overhaul its whole payment system; with the introduction of token meters, there was also a demand for how to check the remaining token balance.

This article will share the simple ways on how you can comfortably check KPLC token balance online, so be prepared to take a trip to the legendary IOT (internet of things). Lets roll.

How to check KPLC token balance

We will first start by learning how to check your token balance. There are three ways in which you can check your token balance. They are:

#1 Through email address

kplc token balance enquiry
  • Log in to your email, and compose a message
  • Enter bill@kplc.co.ke as the primary address
  • Enter your meter number as the subject
  • You will receive an email from KPLC with the token balance

#2 Through KPLC self-service portal

  • Log in to the KPLC self-service portal, if you don’t have an account, follow the step on the Kenya Power website and create one.
  • Proceed to the first option on the right side which is bill/meter query
  • Enter your meter number
  • Press search
  • The four previous token transaction will be displayed
  • Choose the one you wanted according to date purchased
kplc self service
If you are experiencing delay in token delivery, Do read our KPLC Token Delay Article
For any information related to KPLC, Kindly visit THIS SECTION

KPLC Token Balance Checker Tool

You can use the telegram bot to get your token balance. The process is fairly simple, let’s get started.

Bots are automated programs designed to perform specific tasks.Before using the Telegram bot, download the Telegram app from Google play store

Open telegram app, type @KenyaPowerBot and search, once opened, the homepage has diverse options of last token, last 5 tokens , postpaid bill, monthly charge, and debt. Furthermore, you will have 6 buttons displayed, which are: Account, Meter, Prepaid, Airtime, Feedback and Help.

kplc token balance checker on telegram
  • Account here you can view your balance, load card, share credit, add a PIN, add numbers and get a tutorial on how to replenish your account.
  • Meter on this section, you can add or clear a meter number
  • Prepaid here you can view your transactions or buy tokens
  • Airtime you can easily buy airtime from the three telecom operators Safaricom, Airtel or Telkom
  • Feedback this is the section where your give your honest reviews and feedbacks about the bot
  • Help here you will find helpful information about the bot.

Note: The KPLC bot on Telegram is occassionally facing issues, so it might not work properly. The issues will be resolved soon.

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Now that you have all the methods of checking your tokens, its up to you to decide which method is most efficient to you and use it, slow internet connections will affect response time of KPLC customer care or bots, so make sure your internet connection is stable.

Share any challenges you have while checking the KPLC token balance in the comment section. Which Kenya Power bill checking option have you used, was it effective? Have you used the KPLC token balance checker in 2022? Share so that fellow Kenyan can learn


What information is required to check KPLC Token balance?

Meter number is the most important. You need to provide the meter number to enquire token balance.

Which is the most convenient way to do this?

As mentioned in the article, there are 3 ways to get it done. You can choose the one you find most convenient.

What shall i do if customer care call is not going through?

Use kplc self-service or send an email to official customer support email address to know the token balance if you are unable to connect with the customer care representive. You can also try the KPLC token checker on telegram.
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