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Nationa Industrial Training Authority of Kenya, NITA is willing to add more and more training providers. If you are interested and fulfill the eligibility, you can register as NITA training provider. This article explains the registration process and helps you with the application form filling. Let’s get started.

NITA’s (National Industrial Training Authority) mission is to provide you with quality industrial training/education so that you can enhance your productivity. As a training provider, perhaps you might be wondering, how does this happen?

NITA has qualified, tried, and tested professionals to ensure you offer the best training to your trainees. Furthermore, it’s entirely owned by the government of Kenya, so you’re not likely to get profit-eyed training providers.

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If you’re a training provider who wants to expand your business or organization, or if you’re new and want to start a career in providing training, then you’re in the right place. Get ready to rumble because this article will explain to you how to register as a training provider at NITA and get certified. Let’s take a dive.

NITA Registration 2022

nita registration form

NITA Registration doesn’t have a complicated application process. However, you have to be present in person.

Before you begin the application process, you must fulfil provider requirements put in place by NITA. They are:

nita application form 2022 NITA/PIT 6 form,
  • You must dully fill out the NITA/PIT 6 form, pay the application fee, and attach all the required documents.
  • All submitted documents, along with the application form, should be certified by NITA.
  • If it’s an organization or business involved, it must be incorporated or locally registered.
  • You should provide documents to prove that you should undertake the training.
  • You must be open and ready to train for any business or organization.
  • You should be operating under a single business permit or name.
  • If you change any particulars of the submitted documents, you must officially write to the director general of NITA before 30 days elapse.
  • In case you change your business premises, NITA will have to conduct a fresh inspection.

Required Documents for Applications

Documents required for NITA Application

The following documents will be required if you want to register your business or organization as a training provider.

  1. Registration/Incorporation Certificate
  2. PIN/VAT Certificate
  3. Articles of Association & Memorandum
  4. Registered Constitution
  5. NITA Registration Certificate
  6. NITA payment receipt.
  7. Registered lease or a title deed.
  8. Appointment letter (it’s for the lead trainer)
  9. A well-drafted CV for the lead trainer
  10. Passport or National ID card for the lead trainer
  11. Professional and academic certificates for the lead trainer.
  12. Appointment letter for all the present full-time resource people
  13. CVs for all full-time employees
  14. Passports or National ID cards for all the full-time employees.
  15. Professional and academic certificates for all full-time employees.
  16. Well-drafted contractual agreements for all the part-time employees.
  17. Well drafted CVs for all the part-time employees
  18. Passports or National ID cards for all the part-time employees
  19. Professional and academic certificates for all part-time employees.
  20. Work permits for any foreign employees
  21. The institution’s training profile
  22. Support documents for any past training.

NITA Training Provider Registration/Renewal – How to Apply Online

registration and renewal form
  • Download the application form here.
  • Fill out the NITA/PIT 6 form correctly.
  • Pay for the application fee (Ksh 12,000) payable to KCB account number 1102588075.
  • Submit the form together with the required documents and bank payment slip.
  • Officials from NITA will visit your premises unannounced for quality assessment.
  • The NITA calendar will determine the assessment dates.
  • Within thirty (30) days, NITA will officially communicate to you through writing the status of your application.
  • In case you don’t qualify, ensure you appeal directly to the NITA director general within 30 days after notification. Note that you won’t incur any charges.
  • If you’re not successful on your first appeal, you can appeal a second time. However, you will be required to pay the total amount of the application fee.
  • Subsequent appeals will require you to appear personally before the committee chaired by the director general, that is, after paying the application fee in full.
  • Any decision that the committee comes up with will be final.
  • Note that all appeals should be made in official writing.
  • Your registration as a training provider expires on the 15th of March every year.

About NITA

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NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) is a state-owned corporation that was established in 2011 under the Industrial Training Act of 2011. Its primary mandate, as drafted in the act, is to promote high-quality standards in industrial training in Kenya.

Another mandate is also to ensure that an adequate supply of a well-trained workforce is available at all the listed levels in the industrial training industry.

NITA headquarters are based in Nairobi. The five training centers are spread across the country as follows.

  • NITA Textile Training Institute
  • NITA Nairobi
  • NITA Kisumu
  • NITA Mombasa
  • NITA Athi River.

In addition, the training centers host various industry-oriented courses that target professionals in both the formal and informal sectors. The courses include

  1. Proficiency courses
  2. Skill upgrading courses
  3. Artisan courses
  4. Tailor-made courses

Suppose you want to know more about the training and the quality of life at NITA. Feel free to visit any training center near you and experience it first hand.


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Functions of NITA

The functions and responsibilities of NITA are:

  • Industrial training;
  • Collecting training levy and fees;
  • Regulating the number of trainers registered
  • Developing training curricula based on industry standards
  • Integrating the labour market information gathered into skills development
  • Harmonizing curricula and issuing certificates of competence
  • Assessing industrial training
  • Testing occupational skills
  • Awarding competence certificates
  • Equating certificates;
  • Accrediting institutions in the training industry
  • Collaborating with other government bodies and non-governmental organizations within and outside Kenya.
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NITA contacts

Commercial Street, Industrial Area, Nairobi

PO Box 74494-00200

Telephone: +254-20-2695586/9

Mobile No: +254-720-917897, +254-736-290676, +254-772-212488


Hotline: +254-753-244676

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