Halal Pesa

Halal Pesa – How to Apply, Interest Rate & Repayment

Everything you need to know about Safaricom’s new Product, Halal Pesa. A unique financial facility for Muslim customers. Check how to register, apply & repay.

Availing of loans is quite common these days. Most Telecom and other companies offer loans. There are numerous lending products available in the market. The Kenyan telecom giant Safaricom offers products like M-Shwari, Fuliza & KCB M-Pesa.

Halal Pesa

If you know Shariah law, you must understand that loans are interest-bearing and are against the law. That’s why the existing lending products are not for Muslim customers.

halal pesa

Safaricom has identified this and recently partnered with Gulf African bank limited to launch Halal Pesa. Halal Pesa is a digital financing service based on the Shariah principles, which make Muslim customers eligible for this product.

This article is a detailed guide on Halal Pesa. You will know everything about Halal pesa, i.e. How to Register & Apply. Also, the interested person will get details on the Interest rates, Loan limit, repayment and various other aspects. Let’s get started.

What is Halal Pesa

This is the first digital financing product that follows the rules of Shari’ah. MPESA and Gulf African Bank Ltd.

Shari’ah law doesn’t support or allow people to borrow money with interest from banks or other people. Due to this, Muslim customers face problems in availing benefits of various financial products.

The Halal Pesa by Safaricom is based on Shariah principles. It operates under the Tawarruq model.

Tawarruq means “to buy on credit and sell at spot value.” Many Islamic banks now use this transaction to manage their cash flow and to get money, especially for personal loans and credit cards.

As per this model, the customer is given a facility, not a loan.

Halal Pesa- How to Register

The essential requirement is that the applicant should be an M-pesa registered user. If not, the facility can’t be availed.

One may register for Halal pesa using one of the various available methods. These are: using the M-pesa app & through the USSD mode. Let’s discuss this one by one.

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Halal Pesa Mini App Registration

If you are using the M-pesa app, you can apply for Halal pesa using it. To do so, Navigate to the “Grow” section in the M-pesa app. There you will find the Halal Pesa Mini App option. Tap on it to get started with the registration process.

Note: Ensure you have the latest version of the M-Pesa mobile application.

How to Apply for Halal Pesa Loan using USSD Code

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Now, Select Halal Pesa
  • Select Register
  • Now, the Terms and Conditions will be presented to you. Kindly read them and proceed if you agree.
  • After this, enter your MPESA Pin.
  • You shall receive a confirmation message from Halal Pesa as soon as you do so.

Halal Pesa Loan Limit

The Halal Pesa Limit will be notified to the customer via SMS. Kindly understand that the minimum amount is Kshs. 1000 and the maximum limit is 20,000 Ksh.

For first-time customers, the maximum limit is 15,000 Ksh.

If you want to increase your limit, Kindly make all the repayments on time.

Halal Pesa Interest Rate

As you know, this product follows the Shariah law; they don’t use the term “Interest Rate”. They charge a 5% margin which is repayable after 30 days.

Halal Pesa Loan Repayment

Using the M-Pesa app, you can go to the Halal Pesa Mini app section and repay. The other method is :

  • Dial *334#
  • Select “Loans and Savings”
  • Select “Halal Pesa”
  • Select “Facility”
  • Go to “Pay Facility”
  • Enter the Amount and M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction.

Halal Pesa FAQs

How is halal pesa different from other products?

The Halal Pesa product is based on Shari’ah principles, it uses the Tawarruq model. This means that the customer is given a facility instead of a loan.

Who is eligible to join Halal Pesa?

All M-Pesa registered users are eligible to apply.

What are the two methods to join Halal Pesa?

You may register using the M-Pesa app and go to the Halal Pesa mini app.


You can dial *334# USSD code and follow the steps to apply.

How to Check the Halal Pesa limit using USSD?

Dial *334#. Then Select Facility and Select “Check Limit”. Enter the M-Pesa limit to view the limit.

What are the late repayment penalties?

If the facility isn’t paid off by day 31, it will be changed so that it can be used for another 30 days at a 5% profit rate on the principal amount: For example, if you were given a loan of Ksh.1,000 and the interest rate was 5%, the total amount due on day 30 would be Ksh.1,000 plus Ksh.50, or Ksh.1050. If you can’t pay by date 31, the facility is restructured with a 5% profit rate, and you’ll have to pay Ksh.1000+Ksh.50+Ksh.50 = Ksh.1100 by day 60. After day 60, there won’t be any more fees for the facility.

How to opt out of Halal Pesa?

Dial *334#, Select Opt-out, Confirm it and enter the M-Pesa pin.

How to Download Halal pesa app?

There is no dedicated app for Halal pesa. You can access the halal pesa mini-app within the M-Pesa mobile application.
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